Born Accomplishment: Jasmine Clemente

Jasmine Clemente:  Multimedia Artist in music, fashion, film, and creative writer


Dhylles Davis: Who is Jasmine Clemente?

Jasmine: I’m the true definition of a Gemini because I’m a free spirit that lives life to the fullest! My greatest passion is music. Wait! Not just any kind of music. I’m a house music singer and I’m specific about that because I love the energy behind the dance genre. Currently I have about 8 records (singles) out that can be found on Google or on my website My latest record right now is called “REMEMBER” produced by Louie ‘Balo’ Guzman that will be available for purchase the first week of June. I’ve also appeared in independent films and I love it! The whole creative journey is a blessing for me because I get to be a part of something that wasn’t there before, until someone decided to write a script for the big screen, or someone (like myself) writes a song to make people celebrate and dance to. For me, I refer to creating as a form of magic.

Dhylles: When did you realize you were born an accomplishment?

Jasmine: This may sound strange, but when I was in the 1st grade, I remember looking out of a classroom window and thinking to myself, “Wow. I’m living in the future.” I imagined that centuries ago, cities with buildings and institutions didn’t exist, and that these schools, hospitals, churches, cars, planes and everything as we know it was part of a futuristic society that I was experiencing in the moment as I sat in the classroom, day dreaming.
Basically, I felt that I had already lived on earth before this lifetime, and that I was back in a different body within a different generation. I realize this concept may sound far-fetched to some, but throughout my childhood I truly had random thoughts of having come back to earth to fulfill a purpose. And while it’s true that I’ve chosen to pursue The Arts as a chosen profession, I always knew deep down inside that I was born to do something great – regardless of what it was. I just knew that I existed before coming to this planet and that my human form had to carry out some plan that was predesigned. Okay fine! Call me an alien! LOL But I believe that being a ‘born accomplishment’ is simply a matter of becoming awakened to our own inner, divine right to choose how we will develop our unique powers and create a rewarding life. Being born into our family, race, gender, country, and generational time period is no accident. I believe that we came here exactly the way we were supposed to in order to fulfill a purpose.

Dhylles: When was the last time you cried and why?

Jasmine: The last time I cried was about 2 months ago because I knew that I had made a detour in my life. I was in a relationship with someone who I wasn’t in love with. Nothing against him; he was great! But we didn’t share similar visions and goals, which meant that the closer I became to him, the further away it took me from my core.

When we first met, I thought it was a good idea to date someone that was ‘outside’ of my line of work, meaning the entertainment business. My boyfriend had a steady job in the medical industry that had absolutely nothing to do with The Arts and at the time it felt refreshing to date someone that none of my artsy friends knew about so that my personal life could stay private. (And if for some reason we didn’t work out, then I wouldn’t have to worry about burning a bridge.) However, the longer we stayed together, the more it took me further and further away from my artsy world. And whenever I became busy again by doing the things that I love, he felt neglected by my absence. Hence, the problem was that we didn’t share each other’s worlds because we were headed in different directions.

In short, I don’t regret dating him because for that moment in time, it was the right choice for me. I wanted to be loved and felt that building a valuable relationship was worth it. And although I still do believe that relationships are beautiful, I truly feel comfortable about staying patient because there’s nothing worst than living a lie. If you’re not in love (and I mean passionately & unconditionally) in love with someone, then don’t waste anyone’s time because life’s too short to compromise it.

Lastly, I’ve learned that our partner is a direct reflection of who we are and because they share our daily moments together, they’re presence truly influences our well being. Thus, if we choose someone that isn’t our highest ‘compliment’, then our mediocre relationship will leak into other parts of our lives. For that I’d rather stay single, free, and available for the man who will become the cherry on top of an already fabulous life that I’ve created for myself.

Dhylles: Name five weaknesses you are working on turning into strengths?

Jasmine: My first weakness is learning how to turn NO’s into YES’s. I’ve always felt uncomfortable forcing people to do things that they don’t want to because I hate when people do it to me. (I can make up my own mind and need people to respect my wishes) However, I’ve learned that sometimes the reason why people say NO is because they don’t have all the information they need in order to say YES. So I have to learn how to be a little pushier when I truly believe that someone should give me a chance even when they don’t feel like it.

My second weakness is learning to be alone. I’m a social butterfly. I love to entertain, to collaborate with other Artists, and to share my joy with others. Plus, I’m a helpless romantic. While connecting with someone on a deep level is awesome, I have to learn how to pull back and allow more things to reveal themselves before plunging into a relationship that will then take longer to end. So patience in being single is key.

My third weakness is discipline. I’m a spontaneous ball of creative energy that works whenever the mood strikes! But to schedule creativity and meet deadlines is a challenge for me. I want my music and art to inspire people, thus, I can’t be mechanical about it. The spark to write or sing comes naturally to me and that’s when I seize the moment to record it – even if it’s a melody that I’m recording on my phone until I bring it to the big studio.

My fourth weakness is quietly seeking my families approval with the man I choose. To be honest, it feels good to have my relatives get along with the man in my life, but what happens when the man I fall in love with is not someone they’re too fond of or can relate to? So I’m learning how to follow my heart and then introduce the man I love to my family without their opinions effecting my decision.

My fifth weakness is requesting the right amount of pay scale, percentage and royalty fee that I feel I deserve for my music and creative projects. I think alot of people have this challenge. For a long time I’ve paid my dues in the entertainment industry by doing things for very cheap to free (for name credit and exposure), but when does it become time to draw a line in the sand and request higher pay for live performances and music?

What was the hardest obstacle you had to deal with in life?

Many moons ago, I was in abusive relationship that I never should’ve entered to begin with. However, I realized that part of the reason I stayed in it was because my companion reminded me of my mother whom I hadn’t spoken to for about 5 years. My mother (although she did the best she could with good intentions) had an extremely bad temper and I would hide alot of things from her growing up. When I entered my early twenties and became a woman, her and I had moments of being best friends to being enemies. We had this love/hate relationship until one day we had such a disagreement that we stopped all communication for several years. It felt as if my heart was ripped out of my chest or as if she had died. Knowing that she was still “alive” but chose not to speak to me made me feel abandoned, neglected, and rejected. And through it all, I still loved and missed her because we only get one mother. Thus, it was a very confusing time for me. What was love? Was love supposed to hurt that much? By the time I met my abusive exboyfriend, I had thought that if I can somehow get along with him despite him being damaged, then I can one day get along with my mother when the time came to meet her again. I wanted to heal my relationship with my mother, and I thought being with my exboyfriend would’ve taught me how to get a long with difficult people.

Eventually my exboyfriend became physically abusive with me, strangling my neck and kicking me to the ground. I left him after the incident but it scarred me for a while. A few years after that, my mother had a near death experience and decided that she needed to see me and mend our relationship because she almost died. I had mixed feelings about it but after seeing her, it felt good. I admit that she changed alot and is not as hard as she used to be. She’s much more attentive and less demanding. In fact, she’s not demanding at all. I don’t know what made her change. Maybe it was the near death experience, maybe it was the time we spent apart, or maybe it was a combination of both. But she’s much softer now and I feel comfortable visiting her without having to worry about another toxic argument arising. As far as my ex, I’ve chosen to forgive him and we are distant friends now. He’s received help by joining a program for abusers to speak in a private circle about what they’ve been through and how they can change. They’ve taken tests and have learned the many different stages of abuse and what causes it. Thus, I think he’s on a road to healing, and us becoming friends was a very powerful decision to make. I’m not in love with him anymore, but I’m happy that he’s finding his way, as we all are.

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2 thoughts on “Born Accomplishment: Jasmine Clemente

  1. Thank you for carving out the time to interview me in this beautiful interview about the good, the bad and the ugly in our journeys. It’s an amazing feeling to do what I love the most, but life wasn’t always perfect and had my struggles that almost made me quit and give up on my self. I commend you on interviewing people from their true core so we can all see that we’re not that different from one another. Love will always save the day!


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