Born Accomplishment: Ja’Dee Murphy

Ja’Dee Murphy

Photographer, Model, Actor, Dancer and much more!

CEO & Founder of Rare Fashion Magazine


Stylish grounded and focused are the words often used to describe Ja’Dee Murphy. A native New Yorker, Ja’Dee is an inner city man with vision and confidence. His education includes The School of Art and Design, School of Visual Arts and Parson School of Designs where his raw talent in writing, drawing and theatrical arts first astounded his teachers. He was awarded the Claudia Bronze Medal for Art and Designs while attending William Howard Taft High School.

Ja’Dee has experience as an actor, dancer, model, make-up artist and writer, a combination of skills ideal for model management, fashion show production and talent representation. He credits his time working with the late couturier Gustavo Huertas (Fashion Designer for Paul Mitchell) as essential to his remarkable style and “eye.” While touring with Huertas, Ja’Dee perfected the industry’s keynotes: Timing, Technique, and “The Look…”

In 1996, Ja’Dee’s passion for fashion influenced him to form the first all-black male modeling agency in New York, B.M.E. (Black Male Enterprise), which rapidly grew into his full service agency, Tones Model Management, Ja’Dee’s commitment and encouragement inspired and opened doors for many talented Afro and Latino Americans as well all the vast cultural groups who seek a career in the fashion Industry. His motto: “Let no one tell you no to your dreams.”

Ja’Dee and TONES models are proud to have worked for more than fifth-teen years in the fashion industry. Tones Model debut was with fashion Directors/Coordinators and Producers Donald Credle and Jerry Jordan Brown on GMAD’s annual fashion shows, models were featured in John Blassingame’s Men Collection shows and have been featured in Today’s Black Women magazine as well as the covers of Venus and For You bridal magazines and Essence Magazine.

Over the years TONES models have worked with some of the East coast’s finest designers including; Francis Hendy, Deborah Williams for Her Game 2 and Edwing D’ Angelo, William Witherspoon, Willie Hall, Ray Brown, Duane Fish, Baby Phatt, Mark Ecko, Rocawear, Kenneth Cole, B. Smith, Tracy Reese and many others designers. TONES models have appeared on the NBC’s The Today Show, Tyra Banks Show, and BET Monique Show as well as on Law and Order and other TV shows. TONES models are best described as having exotic beauty that is distinctive, provocative, glamorous and intriguing. Tones models as an agency, is in the process of reinventing itself and will now be known as JDM Model management and will be collaborating with other major agencies, clients, and magazines to ensure that their career with JDM Photography models’ are well educated and is provided with a rewarding experiences.

As a Photographer, Ja’Dee is becoming one of the newest seek-out photographers in New York, who talents is also has been requested on the west coast. Though he only has been photographing four years, He has become internationally known, Ja’Dee Murphy has been contacted by several publications and designers for his talents, such clients as designers, Bill Witherspoon, Tyrell Mason, Duane Fish, Ashton Hall, Adrian Alicia, Austin-Paul, Ty Scott, Larry Underwood, Raymond Vincente, Florian Sodji. Richard Q, Jannis Coldiron D’Alessandri for SaraBella James’s beautiful handbags, Kenya Smith for Plant Zero Motorsports, He photographed Ice T’s protégée , R&B Singers, Zeime, Rob Lowe, Blake Carrington, Darryl D’Bonneau, and Rappers MizzP, and Super Rapper/R&B singer Maino & The Mafia, Maino ‘s photo reached Bill Board Magazine. Celebrity Actor “The Most Downloaded and Golden Glove Champion Model Internationally” Ngoli Okafor, Actor Rico King, Top Model Fumi Okusi from BET’s Rip The Runway, Actor and Spokes Model Lionel Whitley, Belco Becoum who was the Cover Model for Vera Moore Cosmetic and International Male Model Yohei Koizumi of Japan, and many others.

Ja’Dee work has been seen in the Harlem news press and on Good Morning American Morning News that featured the Heavy Weight Golden Glove Champ Ngolio Okafor. Ja’Dee was interviewed by Channel 12Bronx News for being a fashion photographer who utilized the Bronx scenery as his back drop, He has be recognized by Fashion Avenue New and award The Fashion Photographer Icon award, he been interview in other publications such Alize Fashion Magazine of Paris and New York, Model Call Magazine, Simply Deta Magazine, Fashion Avenue News, The Gabby William Show and was a panel guest on Model Behavior TV show, interview a feature story for Swerv Magazine. Ja’Dee will be working with some of NYC top modeling agencies, and has photographed four cover for both Fashion Avenue News and Alpha Fashion Magazine, His images has been feature in Saincity Magazine, Modelcall magazine, Simply Deta Magazine, He photographed award winning actress Jessica Cuban for Fusion Magazine and the Cover Girl for Harlem Shake Retro Restaurant, and other commercial assignments. Fame Celebrity Photography Steven Williams of LA, is quoted to describe Ja’Dee’s images as “PHOTOTASTIC” as well as several of his peers who were taken by Ja’Dee’s natural talents, one of them being Tim Harris, Art Director and Owner of Identities Models.

With that being said, Ja’dee Murphy has been appointed as the Contributing Editor of Fashion and Talent for Fashion Avenue News Magazine, which resulted in four cover for the magazine and there to six pages editorial spread. Now after working as the guest editor for Alpha Fashion Magazine, Ja’ Dee is now Founder/CEO of his new magazine RARE Fashion which is to be release in June 2015.

Ja’Dee stated that he too is surprised at the dimensions that his photography has leaded him in such a short time frame. States he have a fine love for fashion and beauty, and is still amazed how ones’ humanity can be capture in splits of seconds and that a single photo can fulfill you with emotions, this is what he seeks as a photographer, to bring emotions to those work enjoy his work.


Interview with Ja’Dee Murphy

Dhylles Davis: Who is JD Murphy?

Ja’Dee Murphy: Ja’Dee Murphy, birth name is Joseph DuPont Murphy, was born on August 16, 1959 to the loving parents of Corine Estelle and John David Murphy. I was raised in the Bronx, NY. From a child of the age 4, I have always enjoyed drawing and painting. I loved all the facets of the Arts, from acting, dancing and singing. I had join drama and dance classes and groups; I’d even tried out for Alvin Alley, but didn’t make the cut, however I didn’t let it to discourage me. I remember even as a child I will get the neighborhood children together and do little talents shows such dancing, singing, putting on little plays, fashion shows and puppet shows, when I was ten years old.

I consider myself to being a fair and given man, humble and kind, but there is a side of me that will not tolerant the crudity of others.


Dhylles: When did you realize you were born an accomplishment?

Ja’Dee: I can’t pin point it, being a born accomplishment, I just did what I thought was natural, and did what I enjoyed, and went with it.


Dhylles: When did you learn to heal and forgive yourself for past mistakes and regrets?

Ja’Dee: In my early 20’s, my life took haunting change, right after college I have got involved with drugs and alcohol, partying and just doing all kind of things that I never imagine myself doing, till one day I had enough and went to get help after 4 years of hell.

With professional assistant, I found me, who I was and the things that happen to me in my pass, wasn’t my fault, being a victim of sexual abuse as a male wasn’t something I wanted to tell the world or even being a gay man, especially to my family, but when I did, the weight of the world lifted off my shoulders and I was free. I didn’t fine a need to forgive myself for my past mistakes or hold any regrets, I accepted them and move on, because they were just part of my life’s journey, no need to feel bad for mistake or regrets, for me that pass only help me to grow and be strengthen, I just call them my life experiences.


Dhylles: What made you realize your value and worth?

Ja’Dee: Funny that you should ask this question, Love, and self-respect help me gain more trust in me and my worth. When I had looked back to those things that once made me feel inferior, I said to myself, These people breathe the same air as me, and I am important to me, I do not have to settle. I may not had gone to the best of schools, I wasn’t born rich, I’m not in the high society columns, I am not some famous actor, so what to fear, and I don’t truly believe there’s a VIP section in heaven. But I am my own man, ruled by no other, and I a great value and respect life, and with the many passing of people, I had witness the infections by society’s ills, I know and understand my worth, That I am a child of God and I am worthy.

Dhylles: How were you able to let go of the past as well as toxic and draining people?

Ja’Dee: First holding on to anything of my past will not forward me to my future, let the past be the past, and recognizing toxic and draining people I give no parts of me to. What many people don’t know about me is that after my experience with drugs, I became a substance abuse counselor for Project Return. I remain in the field of social work for 20 years, as I pursued my other life’s goals, In this field you learn about human behavior and what make people who they are, when you start peeling that onion back, reaching the cord of the individual , you see why they live their lives the way they do, and you learn not to judge, but to be empathic, no one live is prefect, but the biggest rewarding part of this job is when you can reach that person/s to understand that there is better way, that they don’t have to be afraid to challenge themselves, showing them that they can improve on their quality of life, that for me is so uplifting


Dhylles: Thanks so much for being so honest and transparent Ja’Dee. It was truly an honor to interview you.


Please be sure to follow Ja’Dee Murphy:!/pages/JaDee-Murphy-Photography/106903516065806?fref=ts

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