Born Accomplishment: Candice Jackson

Candice Jackson

Writer & Beauty Expert

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Dhylles Davis: Who is Candice Jackson?


Candice Jackson: Candice Jackson is… A strong willed and often stubborn woman with passion and principle! A mother, daughter, friend, writer, beauty expert and more to be discovered.


Dhylles: When did you realize you were born an accomplishment?


Candice: I probably realized I was born an accomplishment very early on in life. I don’t ever recall thinking I wasn’t. Which makes me pretty lucky I suppose. It allowed me to endure so much from so many people and experiences (good and bad) throughout my life.


Dhylles: How did you turn self-sabotage into self-love and acceptance?


Candice: It’s funny because I think at some point or another we all self sabotage ourselves with something. Career, education, relationships whatever. I remember friends constantly telling me I was self sabotaging relationships and I started to believe them. So I read self help books, analyzed everything I did and said and started to doubt my instincts. Which is a dangerous thing. Then I was smart enough to realize I was just making dumb choices including some of those friends.  I looked at peoples potential instead of who they actually were at the time. Once I stopped that things changed. I realized it’s not for me to decide if another person should reach or exceed their potential. I can only do that for myself. Once I accepted that it was easier to walk away from potentially harmful situations without worrying if anyone thought I was bitch or not.


Dhylles: Use one word to describe who you are and why?


Candice: Who am I? I am me. Why? Because I can’t be anyone else.


Dhylles: When did you decide to forgive yourself for mistakes and regrets?


Candice: I didn’t ever have to forgive myself for mistakes because we all make them and it’s a part of growing up and just growing as a person in general. I was ALWAYS hard headed about things I did. I was aware of risks and consequences and took chances anyway. I accepted my mistakes and learned from them. I never cared if it made anyone mad. I’m fortunate enough to see that there is a lesson in every “mistake” we make. It gives us experience to help those coming up behind us and even a few that were before us but couldn’t find their way. Many people along the way tried to make feel like I made mistakes but really they were choices and those choices have created who I am as a person. Good , bad or indifferent.

As far as regrets? I used to regret things I didn’t do as opposed to things I did do. But again, everything I have done has brought me to where I am now and will carry me forward to my next “mistake” to learn from. So, I no longer think of regret. I think of all the possibilities that will come from taking chances, risking it all when I have nothing and learning how to get up again when I fall on my face or get my heart broken for the umpteenth time.

Dhylles: Thanks for the honor of allowing me to interview you Candice Jackson! 

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