Born Accompplishment: Melissa Henrius

Melissa Henrius

 Plus Size Model, Graphics Designer & Web Site Coordinator



Bio: Born and raised in Brooklyn, N.Y, the only child of an single parent, this young lady knows the true definition of a go-getter. With a Bachelor of Arts in Digital Media and Web Design from SUNY Plattsburgh, Melissa continues to use “ART” into……. Shall we say—-her “CURVES” by entering the world of fashion and becoming a plus size model.

For almost 3 years, Melissa Henrius have walked for New York Fashion Week, Brooklyn Fashion week(end) Full Blossom “Face of Sweet” and Curves Rock Fashion Week, to name a few.  Today, Melissa is bringing the words “confidence” and “ambition” to all the women who are a size 14 and up.

“My goals is to present myself as an example, through my work and on the runaway. I want to show that curves are beautiful and  it is okay to be a health Full-Figured individual and still carry yourself with confidence, classy  and sexy all by being yourself and not letting negativity get in the way”.—Melissa

Today Melissa is a MSA fit model for major corporations in the fashion industry and freelance her way in the print division and work with a few amazing clients such as Eddy and Bri, En v NewYork  and Vh1 Reality star Renee Graziano fashion collection “Mob candy.

She has also been published twice on the Uptown fashion section of the Daily News and will be feature on several plus size magazines in the next couple months of 2015. This humble beautiful young lady is on her way to accomplish goals and will continue her success in the plus size industry!

With upcoming events, learning experiences,  ideas and projects she wants to place a stamp on the map of the “Fashion World” Stay tuned because this is only the beginning! Melissa “Ms. Mimidevoe” Henrius will bring confidence and sexiness back to life for all plus size woman!


Interview with Melissa Henrius

Dhylles Davis: Who is Melissa Henrius?

Melissa Henrius: The first thing I can think of when I see this question is Melissa Henrius is  a go-getter Woman. I am a woman of many hats such as a plus size model, a graphics designer and web site coordinator

Now the aspect of the personal, “Melissa Henrius” I am outgoing, genuine and always want myself and others around me to be happy.


Dhylles: When did you realize you were born an accomplishment?

Melissa: I would say when the “entertainment business” kept me on my toes and hitting me upside my head. Since I was 5 years old (maybe younger” I was always singing and putting on my grandmother big jewelry and shoes. From there I went into chorus in my schools, dance teams and step team too.. Later in years, I intern in Kiss FM, I promoted big NYC night clubs, coordinating fashion shows, developing my graphic business for designing entertainment companies logos/event flyers, becoming a plus size model and now working for one of the biggest plus size fashion company as a web coordinator. All those shining moments always remind me that I am destine to be a well accomplished woman.


Dhylles: What makes your driven and determined?

Melissa: I would say my Mom and where I came from keeps me driven. My mom always told me to go above and beyond and do not make the same mistakes she made. To finish school and be in a good company or create your own. She wanted me and my cousins to all get the best education finish college, get a good income and to buy the house, the car and be independent women. She reminds me that once you put your mind to it and believe in God you can go anywhere and he will guide you to your path of success.

Dhylles: When you look in the mirror what do you see?

Melissa: Tough question but I will be 100% honest because I want the readers to relate and understand me. I see a stronger woman today.. However, I was that scared woman that lost her fire.  In the past, I looked in the mirror and ask myself “where do I go now?”, “what have I become/becoming”.  I also look in the minor and say what my mom always told me since I was young to say “I got this and I am beautiful” and  blow kisses. At first I was confused to why she would tell me to do that, but later in the years, it taught me that saying those word makes me smile and remind me if I can get over that issue in the past then I can get over this! And it was also building my confidence!

Dhylles: Thanks for this amazing interview Melissa. Continued success!


Please be sure to follow Melissa:

instagram and Twitter: @ms_mimidevoe

Facebook: Melissa Henrius

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