Born Accomplishment: Zahrah McFadgen

Zahrah McFadgen

Co-Founder of Dynamite Diva Hair



Bio: Zahrah McFadgen is a wife, mother, and entrepreneur who is also an independent licensed life and health insurance agent. She currently resides in Upstate New York with her husband and daughter. Mrs. McFadgen co-founded Dynamite Diva Hair with her business partner Jasmine McMichaels in 2014 and together they travel throughout the states promoting and growing their business.

Interview with Zahrah McFadgen

Dhylles Davis: Who is Zahrah McFadgen?

Zahrah McFadgen: Zahrah is a passionate woman who loves God and people!


Dhylles: When did you realize you were born an accomplishment?

Zahrah: I knew I was born an accomplishment the moment I realized just how valuable I was to Jesus. I knew that is was not because of what I did but because of who I was! I came to a point in my life where I didn’t want to be anyone else but me and that was HUGE! I had finally learned to embrace and love myself.


Dhylles:How were you able to let go of the past as well as toxic and draining people?

Zahrah: I first had to realize that I was a broken woman. I was jacked up mentally and emotionally…a HOT mess! But it was okay because I had unconditional love from the Lord and it gave me the courage to face my demons one day at a time and at one level at a time. It took years of gentle ministry, counseling, and encouragement from the Lord and others for me to begin letting go of the pain, shame and guilt of my past. But as I got better I became freer and that freedom enabled me to forgive myself and those who hurt me. I also learned to set appropriate boundaries whenever I dealt with toxic and out of control people in order to protect myself from unnecessary hurt. I don’t allow toxic people to come in my inner circle if I can help it even if it’s family. I love them from a distance if necessary.


Dhylles: When did you become aware of your strength and courage?

Zahrah: I realized that I could endure hardship when I became a single mom juggling school, work and all of the responsibilities of life. There were times where I felt like the walking dead because of sheer exhaustion! I wanted so badly to give up and die or just allow my mind to unravel into a nervous breakdown or comma. I felt that was the only way I could have a legitimate excuse to take a break from my life but then I would think of my precious daughter and all of the wonderful things God had already done for me. There was too much at stake for me to let go! He has brought me through too much and brought me too far to fail me now. So I had to keep pushing and fighting through the pain and tears to do what needed to be done with His help.


Dhylles: What are your thoughts on forgiveness?

Zahrah: I was one of those people that would hold a grudge to the grave! I was a very bitter, angry, and sickly woman but when I met the Lord, He changed my heart and helped me to see how much I needed His forgiveness every day. I learned a few things about forgiveness that has helped me to apply it to my life over the years. First, I realized that forgiveness was a choice and not necessarily about my feelings. I could choose to forgive whether I felt like it or not. I saw that when I made the decision to forgive, God would eventually intervene and supernaturally change my heart towards to those I held a grudge against so I could be free. Second, I learned that forgiveness was a gift from God because it released me from the deadly mental, emotional, physical and spiritual damages of bitterness. Third, I realized that forgiveness did not mean that I was letting the offender get away with murder but just the opposite because when you do your part God can do His part and avenge you! That is why He tells you to pray for them and his desire is always to forgive and bring restoration but if the offender will not make amends they are in serious trouble and therefore desperately need your prayers!


Dhylles: Who was that person then and who is this person now?

Zahrah: I was a mentally disturbed, self-centered and a vengeful person who wanted nothing more than to end the world, die and be with God. I hated people and life. “Hurting people hurt people” and that was me! Today, I am at peace with God, life, and humanity. I feel the incredible love He has for ALL of us and it drives me every day! My business is one of many vehicles for ministry, a means for God to do good in the world through me!


Dhylles: Thanks so much for sharing and for being honest and transparent Zahrah!


Please be sure to follow Zahrah:

Facebook: Dynamite DIVA

Instagram: DynamiteDivaHair

Pinterest: DynamiteDivaHair


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