Born Accomplishment: Whitni Dicker

Whitni Dicker


Interview with Whitni Dicker

Dhylles Davis: Who Is Whitni Dicker?


Whitni Dicker: She is a designer who enjoys fashion, poetry, medicine, law, music, politics, TV dramas, comedies, etc.


Dhylles: When Did You Realize You Were Born An Accomplishment?


Whitni Dicker: I believe that is an unfolding journey – the accomplishment. However, my initial discovery of it was a while after I joined the ministry. I began to realize that every aspect of me (as with us all) has been created with precision and purpose – it’s simply a matter of discovering the purpose and allowing it to unfold. I would compare it to a five hundred piece puzzle – you don’t fit everywhere but if you study your shape carefully, your “fit” will reveal itself and everything will begin to come into proper alignment…..


Dhylles: Name One Thing That Makes You Compassionate And Why?

Whitni: I believe life experience can make you compassionate, if you allow it. It can assist you in understanding and being open to others. Each situation, though unique to you, is really designed to assist the person coming behind you. The pearls of wisdom that we extract from our journey can act as a guide on what to seek as well as what to avoid for those who are still traveling on the road. Everything teaches you something……


Dhylles: What Makes You Driven And Determined?

Whitni: Every time I attempt to turn around, God dispatches angels to turn me back around the other way…..It’s code for “keep traveling, you’re not done yet”…….


Dhylles: What Comes To Mind When You Think About Your Future?

Whitni: A life enjoyed and an assignment fulfilled……


Dhylles: Thanks for sharing Whitni!!



Please be sure to follow Whitni Dicker:!/whitni.dicker


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