Born Accomplishment: Tamara G. Saliva

Tamara G. Saliva
Author, Visual Artist & Poet 
Bio: Visual artist and poet Tamara G. Saliva, a native New Yorker by way of Brooklyn. She is a self-published author of Blue Vein Pages and an aspiring artist. Her writing has received its wings and begun to take flight. Her work has been published in the Hunter College Literary magazine, LETRAS and she has been featured in numerous poetry showcases, including the infamous Nuyorican Poets Cafe.
Interview with Tamara G. Saliva
Dhylles Davis: Who is Tamara G. Saliva?
Tamara G. Saliva: Tamara G Saliva is a woman compiled of many things. Who am I? Hmm.. I am a writer, an artist, a mother, I am humble respectful and emotional. Does that say who I am per say? Maybe not I am merely a woman that gone through many obstacles in life just to stand here today.
Dhylles: When did you realize you are born an accomplishment?
Tamara: I can not say that I have ever realized that by being born alone is my accomplishment. However staying alive and surviving this life is definitely an accomplishment I realized about 3 yrs ago.
Dhylles: What makes you authentic?
Tamara: I think the fact that I am so honest, nonjudgmental and humble makes me authentic.
Dhylles: How long did it take you to accept your imperfections and what held you back from accepting?
Tamara: Wow…. Well it took most of my life. I honestly did not begin really taking a look in the mirror until I was about 31 years old. The acceptance of what I saw did not begin until about 2 years later and today is still a constant struggle. What held me back were the voices in my head that reminded me as child that I was for nothing. Those voices had the names and faces of my abusers. I had to drown them out in order to find the light in me. On some days they come out of the drowning but I manage to put them back in their place.
Dhylles: Describe your life journey in a sentence.
Tamara: There’s a poem in my book Blue Vein Pages named Belt, Buckle, Beat the last line in it is the best description of my life. “the fitting of survival with the gain of wisdom, strength, faith, sacrifice, patience, and resilience.”
Dhylles: It was an absolute pleasure to interview you Tamara. Much success for the future!
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