Born Accomplishment: Shen Bennett

Shen Bennett

Founder of C’est Magnifique


Bio: Shen Bennett is a born Jamaican who has lived in Boston, MA since the age of seven. Since living in the states Shen developed a stronger passion for fashion and the arts. Although she pursued her modeling career at the age of twelve, she did not really start to make her mark until she was in her mid twenties. Fashion, art and events were a strong part of what she loved but instead she pursued her career in business management. After having a career in the Business Management and Human Resources for many years, at the age of thirty-one she finally decided to pursue her passion more seriously.

In 2011, Shen Bennett founded the company C’est Magnifique, a premier fashion and event agency located in Boston, MA. This was a big turning point in developing her passion. The company has gone on to produce numerous fashions shows, organized some amazing photo shoots, enhanced the careers of many models and developed a fantastic styling team. She has since opened a second office in Chicago and is in the process of expanding to other states. Fashion is not only a passion for Shen, it is also a way of life, and it means everything to her and is truly apart of the person she is today.

Shen continues to produce fashion shows in Boston and now Chicago, along with helping curvy models pursue their career in modeling. She now resides in Chicago and travels between Chicago and Boston.


Interview with Shen Bennett

Dhylles Davis: Who is Shen Bennett?


Shen Bennett: Shen Bennett is a kindhearted, caring, strong minded, stubborn, bossy, lovable, sarcastic, friendly, animal lover who is an independent fierce woman.

Dhylles: When did you realize you were born an accomplishment?

Shen: I feel that we are all born accomplishments because God made us in his image and he is perfect. Therefore he has given us the tools and strengthens to be the best accomplishment he has created. It’s up to us to follow the right path and see his plans through.

Dhylles: Name three weaknesses you are working on turning into strengths

Shen: Three weaknesses I am currently working on turning into strengths are staying healthy, focusing on self and being more forgiving. I am working very hard on staying healthy mind, body and soul, which helps with my other two weaknesses. By building up my health physically I am able to focus more on myself and having a healthier soul helps me to learn how to forgive.

Dhylles: When did you discover your purpose?

Shen:  I discovered my purpose when I was 31 years old. I’ve gone to school for many things and also had a couple of different career paths. However, once I figured out my purpose I’ve felt so fulfilled and at peace life has been absolutely perfect!  There is no better thing in life than finally knowing what your gift and purpose is.

Dhylles: What was the hardest obstacle you had to deal with in life?

Shen: The hardest obstacle I’ve had to deal with in my life is not having any children as yet. I absolutely love children and would love four kids. However, I’ve always believed that I should have the right environment for my children. So I am building that for them as we speak and although it is very difficult to still be without a child I know it’s for the best until I am able to give them the best life they deserve

Dhylles: Thanks for sharing Shen! Much continued success!!


Please be sure to follow Shen Bennett:

Instagram: cestmagnifiqueagency

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