Born Accomplishment: Shawn Chavis

Shawn Chavis

Founder/Editor In Chief of Bronze Magazine


Bio: Shawn Chavis is the Founder/Editor In Chief of Bronze Magazine, a digital lifestyle magazine that celebrates, empowers, and inspires women of color. Shawn has a strong and continuous commitment towards pursuing different resources that will support her mission of bringing positive awareness to the images of African American women. Shawn’s personal mission is to consistently pay it forward to other individuals throughout communities and across various sectors.

Interview with Shawn Chavis

Dhylles Davis: Who is Shawn Chavis?

Shawn Chavis: A caring and loving individual who is a daughter, sister, aunt, cousin, friend and wife. I am sensitive and conscious of others’ feelings and needs, and I treat others as I would like to be treated in return. I believe strongly that what you put out into the universe (good or bad) will come back to you. Although I was raised in the Baptist church, I consider myself to be more spiritual than religious.

Dhylles: When did you realize you were born an accomplishment?

Shawn: When my parents first told me they were proud of me. I was in elementary school at the time, and had made the honor roll.

Dhylles: What was the hardest obstacle you had to deal with in life?

Shawn: The death of my mother in 2003. It was much unexpected, especially since she wasn’t sick or anything. But I guess she had something underlying that none of us including her knew about. Getting through (not over) the loss of my mother was the hardest thing I’ve ever had to deal with in my life.

Dhylles: What made you realize your value and worth?

Shawn: My parents instilled in me at a young age the importance of taking pride and valuing myself as an individual.

Dhylles: What makes you authentic?

Shawn: The fact that I can give service to others without the need to boast or be arrogant about it.

Dhylles: Thanks so much Shawn Chavis. It was an honor to interview you!

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