Born Accomplishment: Seto McCoy

Seto McCoy

Branding Specialist & Celebrity Hairstylist

Seto McCoy

Bio: Seto McCoy is a Branding Specialist and Celebrity Hairstylist who has no boundaries of creativity for himself nor clients. Seto is from Saint Louis Mo now living his dreams in the “concrete jungle” better known as, New York City. Working with some of fashions’ renowned publications and the industries top movers and shakers, Seto has his eye on nothing but greatness. The outspoken, optimistic, positive and hard-working entrepreneur knows his worth for sure!


As he leads his company, SetoMcCoy NYC, Seto believes that in order to be successful you have to be bold, humble, and innovative. He believes that you have to be involved with your community and include them in the wave of success. As a rising public figure, Seto has exuded nothing but truth and hard work no matter how difficult it may be. His energy wakes up any room and his presence is definitely known when entering. A lot of people call him the “Publicist Miguel with a Kool-Aid Smile!” Seto is setting himself to be a mogul, mentor, and all around success story, and there are so many chapters to be revealed!


Currently Seto is representing clients in all avenues including the WNBA. He has worked on television shows on WETV and Bravo TV. And recently celebrated the successful of the unprecedented “We Are Black History” campaign which has been published on, Huffignton Post and BET to name a few. There is no stopping him now!


Interview with Seto McCoy


Dhylles Davis: Who is Seto McCoy?

 Seto McCoy: Seto McCoy is a visionary. I like to see things different than the world does. I guess that’s the blessing of perception huh? I am not just a hairstylist or branding specialist, I’m an artist first. People try to figure out, what I’m thinking or what’s my next move, but that’s impossible because I’m not easily calculated. So i guess in a nutshell I am a man from St. Louis MO chasing the “American Dream.”


 Dhylles: When did you realize you were born an accomplishment?


Seto: Definitely when I was a little boy, about 5 years old actually. My little brother Devon was just born and I remember saying to my grandmother that I was going to be the best big brother in the world. Of course as I got older I turned that passion to be the best role model for him into becoming successful. As a kid I would sell candy to the kids at school, high school I had two jobs but it was just so that my family was good. My family always held me to high standards without pressure which allowed me to dream.


 Dhylles: Name three things you absolutely love about yourself?

Seto: My determination to become successful. I love that I am still a dreamer after all of these years. Everything that I dreamt of as a kid I am now able to do. God has blessed me with vision and purpose and I am thankful that I haven’t lost that and learned the art of execution.

 Dhylles: Name three weaknesses you are working on turning into strengths.

Seto: Organization! Haha. When I tell you I was the worst at that! Now my room is filled with oversized sticky notes with everything i have to work on. Besides that I am constantly working on myself. Being better then I was yesterday. I listen to interviews, look at my posture, hit myself when I say the wrong words but this all comes with being my worst critic.

Dhylles: When did you discover your purpose?

Seto: What’s so funny is that I discovered my purpose recently. Of course I had the drive and worked toward something. I wasn’t sure what I was supposed to do. About a month ago my good friend Michael sent me this video by Les Brown to check out. I wasn’t really familiar with who he was but I tell you when I got familiar with him I found myself! Sometimes it takes a while for us to figure out why we are here but once you have it, by oh boy you better be ready for those blessings! The key to maintaining that joy of knowing you a little deeper is meditation. I’m still learning how my purpose works. It’s a great feeling, its inspirational.

Dhylles: What was the hardest obstacle you had to deal with in life?

Seto: There were two actually. My grandmothers death was pretty tough. She was literally my best friend in the world! She was such an amazing woman. Haha. She would always keep me on track. Kept me smiling, kept me dreaming. It’s because of her that I even have this crazy strength and fearless mentality. I love her and miss her but I realized she is always with me so it’s easier.

The other obstacle would have to be my parents. For the longest time I tried to make up in my head that they didn’t understand me. And I blamed them, especially my father for a lot of things that happened in my life or surrounding my lifestyle. But I had to let that go because each of them love me from the moon and back! My mother is like my rock. I live for that lady. She is so beautiful inside and out. She will always be my Queen. And my Dad well let’s just say I would to know who God is without him. He’s been there, they both have been there and letting go of my pride and ego was the hardest thing. If I didn’t I wouldn’t be able to see the blessing that God gave me by making them my parents.

Dhylles: Thanks for sharing Seto!!

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