Born Accomplishment: Santos Taino

Santos Taino


 Spoken Word Artist


Bio: Santos Taino, is also known as “The Sensual Angel”, A truly gifted Poet and Spoken Word Artist, the first and only male member of The Tantalizing Angels of New York City.

Although much notoriety and fanfare is made about The Sensual Angel’s very sultry & seductive words on stage said to bring ladies to the brink of ecstasy by his mere vocal inflection alone when performing some of his well-crafted and sexy poetry…he cannot be dismissed as a one hit wonder type of spoken word artist based on one particular genre of poetry be it Erotic or otherwise

Mr. Santiago’s love of language and prose evolved into a lifelong love affair with Poetry as his primary outlet for creative expression , however, he is also an accomplished Musician, Songwriter and Vocalist who has performed with some of the world’s most popular Latin recording artist  These days however you are most likely to find Mr. Santiago blazing the microphone on stage about town in New York at various venues including the Moca Bar & Lounge or the legendary Nuyorican Poets Café. And because he has such a veracious appetite for poetry he just completed a Radio show series of  S.E.X.Y Show or The Sultry Erotic XsundaY Show which broadcasted live, online via .

Some of his most profound poetry focuses on his not so picturesque life growing up in the 1970’s & 80’s in The Bronx where he and his siblings only had their adoring Mother to rely on for all their care and needs. Although times were tough & poverty nipped at every corner he along with his siblings have been able to establish better lives for themselves.

Interview with Santos Taino

Dhylles Davis: Who is Santos Taino?

Santos Taino: Santos taino is a poet. A Spoken word artist. Whom believes words are powerful. He is a father and grandfather and entrepreneur.

Dhylles: When did you realize you were born an accomplishment?

Santos: I have to say it was the moment I cut the umbilical cord to my first born. At that moment… everything that you’ve done to that point in your life awakens within you.

Dhylles: How long did it take you to accept your imperfections and what held you back from accepting?

Santos: Accepting your imperfections is a really hard thing to do. So I guess I lived in denial for a very long time. It wasn’t until I was married that I could really take a look at myself and know I wasn’t perfect. Caring for another person’s emotions is a great responsibility. There is no easy way to see your imperfections.

Dhylles: Describe your life journey in a sentence?

Santos: So far it’s been a road well traveled

Dhylles: How do you keep your mind, body, spirit, soul and heart in sync?

Santos: Prayer ! Having faith and knowing that God is a father above all and believing that no true father would allow his children to suffer greatly


Dhylles: Thanks so much for sharing Santos!


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3 thoughts on “Born Accomplishment: Santos Taino

  1. Wishing you very deserved successful ventures. You are a very intriguing individual as both a talented Spoken Word Artist and wonderfilled Friend too. Keep interchanging your Halo and your devilish Horns! ❤ LOL


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