Born Accomplishment: Raquel Hinkson

Raquel Hinkson
President of YANYC Financial System
Bio: Raquel Hinkson is the President of YANYC Financial System a Credit Restoration Consulting firm. She has been assisting clients in the business of credit restoration since 2007. She started out helping friends and relatives and as more people came to her for assistance she was lead to create this business.
For Raquel credit restoration is not just a business but a way to help people and families have all that they desire in life, be it a new house, a new car, vacation or even that job they were not able to get because of their credit.
In addition to helping to restore credit Raquel is also available to speak on the matter of credit and financial issues. She is always the author of a 40 day devotional “I Will Lift My Hands to Thee, 40 Days of Psalms 40 Days of Praise.

Interview with Raquel Hinkson



Dhylles Davis: Who is Raquel Hinkson?



Raquel Hinkson: Raquel Hinkson is first a child of God. After that, she is someone with a great heart always ready to serve and ready to give almost to the point where she may give too much. Raquel loves to laugh but at the same time is very sensitive and at times takes things to heart.



Dhylles: When did you realize you were born an accomplishment?

Raquel: It took me years to realize that I was created to do something big and important. I went through my teens and twenties and even some of my thirties confused and not sure of what I was supposed to be doing. As I turned 40 I started to realize my greatness and what God has in store for me and I am now just getting to that point in life where I know that I know that I am here to make a great accomplishment.



Dhylles: What personal changes have you made within the past two years and why?



Raquel: I have become more confident in myself and in my life. After my best friend and my dad’s deaths all within 6 months I had to sit back and really look at myself. I had to have a come to Jesus meeting with me as I was losing it and falling apart. From that meeting came a 40 day devotional that I just published and a new me so to speak.


Dhylles: What does being vulnerable mean to you and is it a strength or weakness?


Raquel: I believe that being vulnerable is both a weakness and a strength. To me being vulnerable means being able allow others to see who you are the whole you and not just as you stated on Sunday, you representative :-). It’s a good thing because we should trust others and let those closest to us know who we are but at the


Dhylles: What bad habits have you been able to break or change?


Raquel: In 2003 I stopped quit smoking and it was a great feeling. I have also stopped biting my nails.


Dhylles: Thanks so much for sharing Raquel! Continued success!

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