Born Accomplishment: Paul S. Jones

Paul S. Jones

Founder and Blogger of FB Diva Friday

Dhylles Davis: Who is Paul Jones?

Paul S. Jones: Paul S. Jones is a 59 year old Christian man. I live in Fayetteville, NC and a father of two young men, Paul 24 and Carson 21. I am a 21 year retiree as a soldier musician of the United States Army, and was one of the last group of musicians to function as Airborne Paratrooper Musicians which I did at Fort Bragg, North Carolina. After retirement in 2001, I taught band for 9 years at private and Christian schools in North Carolina as well as Atlanta, Georgia. I am a 2013 graduate of Methodist University with a Bachelors of Social Work. Currently, I am pursuing a Masters of Social Work degree through the Virtual Academic Center at the University of Southern California with a concentration of Mental Health and a sub-concentration of Military.

I have been operating three blogs since December, 2014. The first, “Paul S. Jones, NextLevel eMarketing” which is a marketing strategy site. The second, “JUST SAY’n”, is a current events commentary blog. The third, “FB Diva Friday Chronicles”, is an offshoot of the FB Diva Friday community which was started in October, 2014. In August 2014, I grew weary of all the negative updates that were dominating my FB Friends feed so I started doing a Friday share of friend and celebrity photos which I called FB Diva Friday. Not everyone participates, but those who do seem to appreciate that someone would think of sharing their photos with their friends. As I stated, there was enough interest that the FB Diva Friday Community was spawned in October. FB Diva Chronicles, is a weekly feature interview that I do with friends and celebrities that is doing quite well and there are unfolding plans for its future development.

Dhylles: When did you realize you were born an accomplishment?

Paul: My earliest recollections were of being an accomplishment. Doesn’t mean that I’m perfect, or better than anyone else, but from an early age, I knew that I was gifted either as an athlete or later, as a teen, as a musician, and I’m thankful to God for his mercy and grace.

Dhylles: How and when did you find your voice?

Paul: I would define my “voice” as my ability to articulate the best of my strengths so that has been an unfolding process. At one point in my life, my voice was articulated as an all-star football running back through my early years though high school. That voice was augmented when I became a Christian through the grace of God and the love of his son Jesus who gifted me with an anointing for music and specifically the electric bass. I did play in the COGIC church early in my musical development. My most favorite form of musical expression is Jazz Fusion and solo performance is a very effective form of expressing my “voice”.

Dhylles: Name one thing that makes you compassionate?

Paul: I am compassionate about a lot of things; abused children, abused people period. People who suffer from mental illness which is why I’m pursuing Mental Health as my final occupation.

Dhylles: What is the most favorite thing you love about being the person you have become?

Paul: I love that there is Peace about who I am and there is no pretense to appease anyone else to be some perception of what others would presume that I should be.

Dhylles: What are your thoughts on forgiveness?

Paul: Of course “forgiveness” is a broad term that can take on several layers of manifestation. I value a relationship with God, therefore, it is important that I seek his forgiveness in my personal life, which is something that I believe is critical to a relationship with him. When God says “Be ye Holy for I am Holy” 1 Pet. 1:16, it means that he requires more from me that I am able to accomplish of my own ability. I need forgiveness and I need a savior and I thusly need his Grace and his Mercy. Every day, I need his forgiveness.

I, in turn, need to forgive others. On the surface this seems like it would be a very simple proposition. God has forgiven me, so I must forgive people to demonstrate the love of God abiding within me. Scripture teaches that how can we claim to love God and hate our brother or sister 1 Jn. 4:20. However, dealing with people is a complex matrix. For instance, I have a mindset to love people, but when I see individuals executing others in the name of their dogma, then I have a problem with that. I can pray that God forgives them, and that they change their mindset, however, at some point there must be an end to unbridled evil. So I can surmise that I must forgive them for their evil actions, but those actions cannot go unchecked. This is particularly so when you deal with abusers of young children and teenagers. Forgiveness is definitely in order while pursuing justice.

Thirdly, I must forgive myself. This has been the most challenging of all forms of forgiveness because there is a thin line between forgiving oneself and permitting oneself license to error through self-delusion. This is why I trust in God and the Blood of his son Jesus for his forgiveness and I’m in constant self-evaluation mode.  I believe that God’s sovereignty has guided me in situations that I could only trust in him to know that my own goodness could not sustain me in certain situations. It’s not just enough to live a good life, but God calls us to be witnesses for him in all things and in all situations. That takes the onus off of us giving a perception of perfection, because all have sinned. So in my pursuit of learning to forgive myself, I’ve learned that the best way to achieve that end is to seek the Lord and as he says…“Be Ye Holy, for I am Holy”. And with my conscious mind, I ask for his forgiveness and grace to that end, and with my unconscious mind I believe that I am washed in the Blood of the Lamb.


Dhylles: Thanks so much for sharing Paul. I truly appreciate it and you!

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