Born Accomplishment: Nikki Morgan


Nikki Morgan

Certified Clinical Sexologist and Founder of The Touch Experience

Bio: Nikki Morgan is a certified clinical sexologist that founded The Touch Experience (TTE), a holistic motivational company. The mission is to spread sex positive thought, self awareness and progressive communication skills for day to day living through experiential learning. Nikki has over 10 years’ experience in entertainment and lifestyle management for world known celebrities and executives. She takes her knowledge of sex, entertainment, communication, patterned needs of demanding lifestyles and translates them into customized experiences for her clients and groups from all over the world.

Nikki Morgan finds our bedroom habits and daily life habits are very much connected. This is done through energetics, demonstrations, interactive and motivational techniques. She believes these considerations can assist with body comfort ability and pleasure awareness that will translate into everyday life interactions with self or otherwise.

Her over-all goal is to expand your creative library and self-awareness, then apply it. She spends her time coaching all relational configurations in sexuality and sexuality, curating experience events and consulting for companies who appreciate her unique perspective in building self-awareness.

Interview with Nikki Morgan


Dhylles Davis: Who is Nikki Morgan?

Nikki Morgan: In this moment, Nikki Morgan is a conscious being of light who bridges whole life understanding of sexual energy, orgasm and emotion thru physical, emotional and spiritual means.


Dhylles: When did you realize you were born an accomplishment?

Nikki: When I realized all time (past, present, future) is now and everything that exists is only known to me consciously by what and how I choose to observe and vibrate. I am everything and nothing.


Dhylles: What steps did you take in finding out who you are?

Nikki: I’ll get back to you when I find out, it’s new info everyday.


Dhylles: How did you turn self-sabotage into self-love and acceptance?

Nikki: I do not believe in self-sabotage in the traditional sense. All things in life are a collection of experiences that are unique and perfect for my life. Making choices that are “off” path from a verbalized goal that may lead to discomfort are either 1. growth points either I was not conscious of or 2. An experience I consciously chose to go through for one reason or another. I don’t spend much mind space on the shoulds or coulds. So nothing is self-sabotage. Nothing is procrastination. Everything is a practice of choosing consciously… For me.


Dhylles: When did you decide to forgive yourself for mistakes and regrets?

Nikki: It is interesting you phrase this question this way. I don’t remember ever really regretting anything. I see my existence as a storyline from which I am directing and starring. If anything, I spend most times addressing how clear was I on a situation and what I was vibrating at the time or period.


Dhylles: What and who in your life brings you peace and happiness?

Nikki: I tend to view life as my lover. We laugh, cry, get mad at each other, hold hands… But we are married and are dedicated to this life in whatever form it presents itself. So I find much appreciation in what each person/situation has to offer while being mindful of my feelings. We (Life and I) make decisions on what we wish to experience next and what is required of out physical body to venture into such a vibration… So happiness and peace comes in all faces… Even the sad or angry ones… Life is a such an awesome way to express One’s self.


Dhylles: Thanks so much on such an insightful interview Nikki! Always a pleasure!


Please be sure to follow Nikki Morgan:
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Twitter, Tumblr, IG: @Nikkiexperience

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