Born Accomplishment: Naomie McLean

Naomie McLean

Professional Entrepreneur


Bio: Mother of 3, Child of the most high.

CEO/Owner of Agora Realty, a High end Real estate firm dealing in International Acquisitions, Investments, Sales, Rentals.

CEO/Owner of Agora Mills, a wood mill company that handles woodwork contracts for Courts, Hospitals, Schools, Homes, etc…throughout the United States and abroad. Also deals in Custom made Agoramills High end Furniture.

Co-owner of N.M. clothing, with Nista Michel.


 Interview with Naomie McLean

 Dhylles Davis: Who is Naomie McLean?


Naomie McLean: Naomie McLean first and foremost is a child of God Almighty himself, and I operate under that umbrella in all things. I am a flesh and blood woman of great intellect, wisdom, kindness and compassion, I am humanly flawed in my own uniqueness, individuality, and mixed with a spunky personality. I am a loving, gracious, loyal, fiercely protective mother, friend, and lover. I am resilient, a fighter, honest, blunt, open, dependable, and steadfast in my ways. That is who Naomie McLean currently is.


Dhylles: When did you realize you were born an accomplishment?


Naomie: I fully realized I was a born accomplishment in Junior high, probably around the age of 12 or so. I was good at everything I tried, from playing instruments, to athletics and school curriculums without trying as hard as others around me. This natural talent I had, built resentment from classmates towards me, because I wasn’t very tactful about it. Maturity hadn’t yet set in. However, I relished in the resentment of me, cause It gave me a great sense of accomplishment about myself.


Dhylles: Who was that person Then and Who is this Person now?


Naomie: Back then with the gifts and Talents I possessed although I was an intentionally loving and kind, I was very arrogant, boastful, prideful and self-centered. I only thought of what I can get, as oppose to what I can give to the world. Today the person I am, now that life and maturity has settled in, is an empathetic, graceful, humble, and an amazing Entrepreneur.


Dhylles: What comes to mind when you think about the future?


Naomie: Dynasty… I wish to leave behind a Dynasty. A real tangible legacy of love, honor, hope, hard work, faith, strength and beauty. The future to me is right now, none of us is promised tomorrow. So being aware of this very moment that I am writing this, I set my intention that whoever, whenever someone is reading this can feel my authenticity, be inspired to pursue passion and purpose, to obtain a God chosen future. Not only for they own Happiness, but for us all.


Dhylles: What does the word Humility mean to you and why?


Naomie: The word Humility to me means= structured, Disciplined, Molded by Hope and Faith to achieve a desired Purpose. I say this, cause I believe someone who has been humbled has most likely experienced some harsh reality, disappointments, and hard to swallow lessons in life. If anyone has ever been around someone who has true Humility, there is a certain Grace, wisdom, and safety that comes in their eyes and smile anyone can feel, and sense in the Presence of such a person. Humility is God’s wisdom of disciplining his children.


Dhylles: What does it mean to be Discipline in oneself? Explain


Naomie: Discipline in oneself is having a set of standards, and or conviction that one lives by, by any means necessary. For Example, a few years ago when I decided I never wanted to work for anyone else, ever again. I had to acquire a set of Disciplines within myself to help accomplish this goal in the business world. I realize quickly, that if I wanted to be Successful in whatever chosen field, I had to change drastically. So I would get up 5:30am every morning, and go running in the Park. Whether it was raining, snowing, below zero, or scorching Hot outside. I got up, prepare myself and went running each day whether I felt like it or not, for a period of 6 months. After a while that gave me the structure to take leaps and risk to enter the Business world with a can do attitude because I had discipline my being to WIN at any cause.


Dhylles: Thanks so much for such an insightful interview Naomie!


Please be sure to follow Naomie Mclean:


Instagram: Reine_N_Arrows



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