Born Accomplishment: Nancy Waight

Nancy Waight 

Business Owner 

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My name is Nancy Waight, 27 years old, Business Owner. Born in San Ignacio Cayo District, Belize. Came to the United States as a young girl, Lived In Florida the majority of my life. Grew up in a Christian Home. My Father was a preacher, and was very much involved in the ministry of Christ, My mother was an at home stay mom during my child hood, and then gained her self independence over the years. My father adapted his love for carpentry and construction, and gained a way of living, he was a very hardworking father and always expressed his belief in Christ, my childhood was very conservative I did not have a lot of leisure time like many children now a days. I grew up very old school, a lot was expected from me, being a homemaker and a wife was the primary focus of my childhood.  I would have to admit, that living in the United States has become of a cultural shock to me for many years. There are a wide variety of cultures and ethnicities, I am blessed to have met people of all different parts of the world, all who give up so much to live the American Dream. I am ecstatic that I would have been given such an opportunity to be living in the Land of the Free.  So Many things my people, or people from foreign countries would give up to live in a country that offers so much opportunity for them and their families. I attended North Miami Senior High School Graduated in 2007, and attended my freshman year in Miami Central High School 2003. I later went on to fulfil my career in the Medical Billing Field, attended college and became the first child to attend college in my small Family, graduating with my associates of Science in 2011. Of course my parents where against my independence, a woman’s independence was very unlikely, we have endured so much as women and still have been expected to be submissive, and dedicated wife’s and mothers to our children and husbands. I decided to prove all of the odds wrong, stayed inspired continued striving for better, always keeping an optimistic perception of life in myself and others. I became a mother, My son is now 5 years old, he is proof of my love for life. I enjoy waking up every morning to him jumping on my bed, or waking me up for his breakfast. I love being a mother, friend and Daughter. I founded my company On November 2014, Named it IRRC Medical Billing Services. You are more than welcome to view my website at, we are open Mondays-Fridays 9am-7pm, Saturdays we are open 9am-3Pm, Sundays we are Off. We offer a wide variety of services which include Payment posting, Charge Posting,

Interview with  Nancy Waight

Dhylles Davis: Who is Nancy Waight?

Nancy Waight: I am an innovative and an aspiring individual, who strives to be a better person daily, a Woman of God, a full time mother, and business owner. Whilst at the same time helping others in need, either through emotional distress or through giving. I, like the majority of the population once had a 9-5 job just getting by and repeating the same scenario in my head over and over again. I would wake up every morning, with the same expectations, it felt like my life was never changing, I was stuck in a world where I had to live my life to suit everyone else’s needs and wants, and never fulfilling my own needs and wants. One Day, After conversing with a good friend of mine about bills and how unhappy I was living, she introduced me to a group of people who could help me reach my goals as an entrepreneur. I began to invest my spare times into materials that could assist with my growth as an entrepreneur. I even came up with a list of things on a sheet of paper to describe where my life was going if I should continue on the same track, or if I should change my career goals and take a risk. My whole life changed for the better, never in my life I would have imagined being happy with being an independent business owner. I was comfortable with getting a steady paycheck every two week or once a month from a J-O-B, I never took the time to understand how important it was to build a future for myself, and my family. Like every business, there are times when you are confronted with various setbacks, but it has been my determination that has kept me alive and on track. Now I enjoy spending time with my son on the weekends, while running a Medical Billing and Collections business, helping many doctors offices and a wide variety of businesses, providing a wide array of services, assisting their staff, training efficiently on the importance of HIPPA Regulations, and Insurance Payer Compliance measures. My life has had a few setbacks, and like every business the beginning, will be the most difficult, but I have kept GOD as first in everything that I have done, and he has blessed me tremendously. My clients are very important individuals for me,  Their happiness assures my business will flourish, while keeping God in the center of it all.

Dhylles: When did you realize you were born an accomplishment?

Nancy: I don’t think I ever realized that I was a born accomplishment. It came to a surprise for me, when I began to be approached by many people who wanted to be where I was at. Friends and people would just start expressing their gratitude to me for always keeping a positive mood about being successful and self driven. They were amazed at my courage to over-excel in everything that I did in my career and life in general. My expectation of everyone was never less than the best, I pushed my family and friends to be the best they could be for themselves and everyone. It wasn’t until I realized that all my positive energy I was pouring out, was for once being given back to me as a thank you for all my hard work, dedication, determination, and friendship. Everyone in my life, and those who I know I will soon meet have a great purpose in their life’s .

Dhylles: What makes you most at peace and at your happiest?

Nancy: God and Family! Family makes me most at peace and keeps me my happiest. I believe family to be the most important thing. Family inspires, they help you keep driven, and focused in your career. God gives me purpose, I continuously make time for him, because I can not forget how I started, through him, it’s all because of him. He has brought the right people into my life, and closed doors, but has always opened new ones for me. I am most at peace because of GOD and my small family.

Dhylles: What personal changes have you made within the past two years and why?

Nancy:  I first became a business owner last year November 2014, I knew with that decision I had to give a lot of things up. Many things I enjoyed doing in my free time, which I had to cut down to maybe once every two weeks. Compromising, and Sacrificing my wants was my biggest deal breaker at the beginning of my career. It meant no longer going out with friends and even changing my circle. I thought that I could still keep the same friends, and perhaps change them or inspire them to want to achieve greatness. But I soon came to the realization, that you CAN NOT take everyone with you. Not everyone has this same expectation of life. There are a few people who feel comfortable where they are, and there is nothing wrong with feeling comfortable, because everyone endures different things, and everyone has a different purpose. But My purpose required change, at first it was difficult to accept, but over time I realized the importance of this change and the effect it could have on my mental, spiritual and or physical self and life. That extra hour I was spending with my friends, I now spend reading and learning of new ways to improve myself. That extra hour I was spending working out at the gym, I now spend with my clients training staff and personnel. Now I leisure time is spent with my son, playing sports together and reading.

Dhylles: How are you choosing to live in your truth?

Nancy: I am choosing to live in my truth, by always striving to do and live better. Never just for my self. I Am always looking for ways to help others whilst helping myself reach my goal. The key point of being successful, is not only making sure that your clientele are happy with all of your services, but it merely lies in one’s self determination and motivation for greatness. We must never forget  why we started, and the importance of helping one another. If I see a fellow friend in need, I would be more than happy to help and/or encourage them. Everyone deserves that one smile a day, that could probably be the reason why they are getting by today, and everyone deserves the same opportunity and help. So we must always help each other. I am choosing to live in truth by staying true to myself and others, expressing my gratitude to GOD every single day.

Dhylles: Thanks so much for sharing your inspirational story Nancy!

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