Born Accomplishment: Mercy Chikowore

Mercy Chikowore

Public Relations & Social Media Consultant


Headshot Photo Credit: LaVan Anderson

Bio: Mercy Chikowore (@MercyC) is a Public Relations and Social Media consultant, freelance writer and Communications Director for the DC chapter of ColorComm. With almost a decade of PR and marketing experience under her belt, Mercy has worked with nonprofit, entertainment and private sector clients. The Zimbabwe native received her Bachelor of Arts from Claflin University where she studied Print Journalism and later received her Master of Arts in Communication from The Johns Hopkins University. Mercy is a pop culture junkie, sushi addict and has an unhealthy obsession with music and live concerts.


Interview with Mercy Chikowore

 Dhylles Davis: Who is Mercy Chikowore?

Mercy Chikowore: That’s always a fun and scary question to answer because these days we have to define ourselves in 140 characters or less. Do I describe myself with adjectives, by my hobbies or by my career? As I approach the ripe, young age of 30 I’m learning more and more about myself and learning to love and respect who I am. If I were to take a tiny stab at who I am, then I’m a proud African, loyal and dependable friend and a great person to go to events with (added bonus). I’m also a ‘Jane of All Trades’- I’m a public relations professional, social media doer, and music blogger who has some video and graphic design skills. At the core of what I do is learning and telling peoples’ stories. I’m like a creative Swiss army-knife if you will- just not dangerous!

Dhylles: When did you realize you were born an accomplishment?


Mercy: I don’t think I feel like an accomplishment but I definitely think I’m creating a path for me to get there. I’ve had the opportunity to do some amazing things and I never take that for granted. I always remind myself how lucky and blessed I am to have been born with a built-in friend, i.e. my twin sister and a mother who put us on her back as she traveled the world as a diplomat. I’ve visited the Swiss Alps, learned to speak two other languages, danced on stage at hip hop and soul concerts and met and worked with people from all walks of life who make me feel like I’ve accomplished something.


Dhylles: How are you choosing to live in your truth?

Mercy: I live in my truth every day through the way I treat the people in my life. Living my truth means being understanding, a great listener and keeping an open mind. I’m also very cognizant of how I react to people and what emotions my body language and facial expressions convey– my face never lies! I also live my truth by celebrating daily mini-triumphs, which range from cooking a new recipe, getting a client a media placement or spending time with the favorite people in my life.

Dhylles: How do you maintain a level of focus and keep from being distracted?

Mercy: First of all, I am the queen of procrastination so I welcome most distractions. I will admit however, after working remotely from home the past few years, where there are distractions galore, I’ve learned to keep myself on track. No one is hovering over me to micromanage me (thank goodness) and I know that nothing will get done if I don’t have a higher level of focus. It’s a scary thing to be fully accountable for yourself and to ensure that you’ll get that next opportunity or check but if you don’t do it, who else will?

Dhylles: What made you realize your value and worth?

Mercy: I realize my worth and value in the quality of the people around me, who recognize something special in me. I also realize my value and worth every time someone asks me to speak on a panel, pose for a picture or be a part of a new proposal. I’m always a little skeptical when I’m asked to participate in anything– even this interview– because my initial thought is “Are they asking the right Mercy?” and I know someone else who would be perfect for this.” I think it comes with the territory of being a PR professional and my desire to promote others instead of myself but I’ve learned to pause and realize that I am being asked for a reason– and then I scream “yasss!”


Dhylles: Thanks so much for such a fun interview Mercy! You are such a ray of sunshine!


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