Born Accomplishment: Meek Jaffe

Meek Jaffe



Meek Jaffe is an up and coming Songwriter/Mc from Brooklyn, New York. Jaffe has performed at various places in NYC, including Temperamental, The Delancey, Paint & Poetry, Rivers of Honey, The Wow Cafe Theatre, ArtLuvHer, Creative Minds, Bed Stuy Pride, The Art Initiative, where she won their 2nd Poetry Slam, and many others.  Jaffe released her anticipated mixtape “Jafferian Music (The FIXTape)” in October 2012, which led to the timely release of her first Ep “Diary Of A Nobody (D.A.N)” in May of 2013. In between hosting Swagger Thru The Roof radio show, construction & teaching journalism at the Bronx Writing Academy, Jaffe released several songs which collectively became “Jaffe Xclusives (The Collection Piece)” in December 2013. Her most recent mixtape “Jaffelution” was released in December 2014 which is also is available on  To learn more about Meek Jaffe and listen to her art, visit: MeekJaffe.Com

Interview with Meek Jaffe

Dhylles Davis: Who is Meek Jaffe?

Meek Jafe: Meek Jaffe is a free passionate spirit, always seeking to learn and to share knowledge. I am a poet that love to paint pictures with words, that loves to be a spokeswoman for all who can’t or don’t speak for themselves. Meek Jaffe is an underdog.

Dhylles: When did you realize when you were born an accomplishment?

Meek: I realized I had special talents at 7. Art was my love. I would draw all day but it wasn’t enough. I wrote my first short story at 9, my first song at 11. It’s then I realized my passion.

Dhylles: When you look in the mirror what do you see?

Meek: When I look in the mirror I see a product of God corruptible, but perfectly imperfect.

Dhylles: What do you still feel you need to work on within yourself?

Meek: I’ve always had a bad temper. My anger was always the base of my troubles, I stopped owning it but it’s still something I work on daily.

Dhylles: What does success mean to you?

Meek: When everybody eats. That’s success.

Dhylles: When was the last time you were taken out of your character?

Meek: The last time I was taken out of Character was last year. One of the main reasons why I hardly drink. Lol.

Dhylles: Thanks so much for sharing Meek Jaffe.

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