Born Accomplishment: Marilyn Watson

Marilyn Watson

Owner of MiniMoments Fragrance Products

Bio: Marilyn Watson is The Owner of MiniMoments Fragrance Products to Promote Wellness. She creates and sells her products online and at various venues throughout the Tri-State Area. She is a member of the Women’s Center for Entrepreneurship Corporation, where she takes classes to increase her business knowledge. She has a Bachelors of Science Degree and occasionally works part-time with various non-profit Social Service agencies. Marilyn is working on mass production nationally and internationally of her Bath and Body line. She currently resides in Northern New Jersey with her two teenage daughters.

Interview with Marilyn Watson

Dhylles: Who is Marilyn Watson?

Marilyn Watson: Marilyn Watson is a woman who loves people. Good, bad or indifferent, she believes we are all God’s children and should be treated accordingly. Marilyn believes in balance: Work, Family, Spirituality, Mind, Body and Soul. She is a mother, sister, friend, ex-wife, daughter, church member, closet activist and business woman. She is a woman who believes that healing begins once you look in the mirror. Marilyn understands a person is most happy when they except their uniqueness, and be comfortable in their own skin. She believes living life to the beat of her own drum and following her heart. She believes everything begins with God.

Dhylles: When did she realize she was a born accomplishment?

Marilyn: I realized I was a born accomplishment when my creator continued to nudge me to create and begin my own business over 25 years ago. There was something I was feeling that was different from what everyone else was achieving and speaking about. I was reared to go to college, get a job, and retire. I accomplished a college degree and had a job with the Michigan Department of Corrections. I performed that job with integrity, however my spirit would not allow me to continue so I Prayed and prayed for spiritual guidance. Despite my advisors encouraging me to stay with the security of a job I just could not so I resigned and began a business selling beautiful framed art, which gave me the opportunity to discuss history, people, emotions and life. I was able to make money solely on what decisions I made. My lifestyle did not change in fact it was better. I had freedom to make my own schedule and rear my daughter.

Dhylles: What do you love most about the person you have become?

Marilyn: I have embraced God’s gifts of discernment and empathy. While being an entrepreneur I have met wonderful people from all walks of life whom most I have encouraged and who have encouraged me. I love being a Blessing to others. I love being able to depend on God for everything and allowing my needs to be met so I am able to assist others. I can now embraced others at whatever level they are in there life and encourage them with kind words to look at the positive in every situations. I love being able to express myself directly and with kind words.

Dhylles: Why is it important to express how you are without fear, guilt or shame?

Marilyn: It is important to express oneself without fear, guilt or shame so others will know exactly how your feel and they have a choice to act accordingly. Open and honest conversation is invaluable.

Dhylles: When was the last time you cried and why?

Marilyn: I cry all the time at the gifts The Creator has given us. Most recent was a few days ago in church as I praised and worshipped. I can walk outside in the morning and cry at the formation of the clouds. I cry for a child when a mom is walking and cursing at him. I cry for the human tragedies we experience almost daily. I cry when I watch the news. I cry at the beach while enjoying the beauty as tears are very cleansing.

Dhylles: Thanks so much for such a moving interview Marilyn! Much continued success!



Please be sure to follow Marilyn Watson:


Phone: 201 485 9143



Facebook: Mini Moments

Instagram: Minimomentsonline

Twitter: MiniMoments@MiniMoments1

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