Born Accomplishment: Lisa Pinto

Lisa Pinto

Independent Distributor for Plexus Worldwide


Dhylles Davis: Who is Lisa Pinto?


Lisa Pinto: Lisa Pinto is a woman who has overcome so many obstacles in her life of 52 years. I am still overcoming some of the hurdles I’m enduring at this time. I married young and had my child and also became a young widow at the age of 32. Leaving me no choice to go out and work several jobs to support myself and children. I had many struggles through my life but my biggest challenge was finding me. Ten years ago I found my best friend his name is Jesus. Christ is pruning me bit by bit and I am blooming into a beautiful flower. I am on a new journey these days and looking forward to touching lives a creating a new one for me! Amen


Dhylles: When did you realize you were born an accomplishment?

Lisa: When I realized I was important and had a purpose


Dhylles: When did you decide to forgive yourself for mistakes and regrets?

Lisa: Started ten years ago but truly forgiving myself and regrets one year ago!


Dhylles: What do you still feel you need to work on within yourself?

Lisa: My confidence and boldness


Dhylles: Describe your life journey in a sentence?

Lisa: Hard but not impossible


Dhylles: Thanks for sharing Lisa!


Please be sure to follow Lisa Pinto:

Website : Pinto

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