Born Accomplishment: Linda Ford

Linda Ford

Designer/CEO/COO of CoCo Nation Corporation/CCN Designs
Executive Director of DAR (Diabetic Research Assoc.-For A Cure

linda ford


Bio: My specialty is working with unsigned independent artists, new faces in modeling, undiscovered designers, developing shows/showcases, events, press releases, designing furs/accessories. Costumes, preparing individuals for castings and bookings, meeting deadlines, photo shoots, event planning, fashion styling, anything that is creative,I have now incorporated being a Support Group Leader and Alzheimer/Dementia Specialist, putting together group meetings, seminars as well as individual consulting and doing fundraisers and other special events..Using all of my talents to bring attention and awareness.

Intervew with Linda Ford/Cocochynna


Dhylles Davis: Who is Linda Ford?

Linda Ford: Linda Ford aka Cocochynna, is A mother, grandmother, great grandmother, sister, aunt, Business Owner, Furrier/Fur & Accessory Designer, A Caregiver, Home Owner, Enterpreneur Specialist, Motivational Speaker, Contributing Editor of YMFashion Magazine, College Educated and First Center Manager/QueenDiva Public Relations for Project Enterprise (1996-2003) Buddhist, Mentor to Artists and Models & Designers through my Entertainment company CoCo Nation Corporation, Poetic/Writer
Dhylles: When did you realize you were born to accomplishment?

Linda: At a very early age I was very accomplished academically , skip 3 grades to graduate high school at age 15 but had to wait 3 years before I could get into college, age 5 I won a contest test that was sponsored by Disney Corporation, won numerous awards for poetry, and writing, dance with the Alvin Ailey junior company,17 yrs old Always loved making things, age 18 years old open my first storefront business


Dhylles: What is the most profound revelation in your life.

Linda: I became a mother and wife at the age of 16.


Dhylles: When was the last time you cried and why? Please explain


Linda: March 18, 2015.I was at the cemetery for the funeral of my older brother Robert S. Lewis, I saw the flames and witness him in this casket going into the flames and it took my breath away, thinking now this is the final time I would have seen him, and sad that his family did not go by his wishes to be buried and not cremated

Dhylles: Name three things you absolutely love about yourself.

Linda: One thing for sure that I can feel unconditional love for my 9 grandchildren and 1 great grandchild.

The second thing is that I have the ability to put my mother’s well-being before my own.

The third thing is that I can financially assist people close to me making their dreams come true.

God blessed me with a second chance and I have always been able to repay my debt Cervical Cancer (1984), made a promise to God, if he took the cancer from my body that I would give my last dollar to whomever asked me…I have been tested many times and never did I say no (even strangers, which I felt were angels)


Dhylles: Name three weakness you are working on turning into strengths.

Linda: I had the ability of being a gambler ( professional) and I made a New Year’s resolution that I would see if I could just make do with the finances that I have, but use the same monies that I would have gambled with to get things or do things on my Wishlist.


Saying Yes too much and overdoing it I do over dose with my Shopaholic with shoes( which I am now turning into a business).


So anything that is addictive about my personality I have been successful in turning into strengths. FASHION IS MY PASSION-MENTORING IS MY RESPONSIBILITY


Dhylles: Thanks so much for this wonderful interview Linda! Truly an honor!


Please be sure to follow Linda Ford:

718-249-5889 business mon-fri 12 noon-6pm sat 3pm-7pm sundays by appointments

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