Born Accomplishment: LB The Emcee

LB The Emcee 

Rapper & Performer




LB The Emcee is an American hip-hop/rap-rock artist, songwriter and performer from White Plains, NY.
His latest work has been defined as a hyper sick combination of acoustic hip hop and rap rock tracks that are sure to provide something for everyone with his unique style of rapping.

His work has been recognized nationwide in the underground hip hop community through various placements in national competitions including an honorable mention in Spread The iLLness 4.0, placement in the top 25 of the Collective Chaos Collaboration series, and a 2nd place runner up in AMJS Beats Make a Hit Contest.

No stranger to the stage LB has performed in some of the most iconic venues in NYC including the Times Square Arts Center in Manhattan, Club Arena in Queens, and various local colleges.  He is in the process of finalizing his upcoming release titled 914’s Most Doubted themed around all of his successes in music despite the downfalls and doubts he’s faced as an independent artist.

As a child he was primarily influenced by the sound of hard rock and alternative bands such as Nirvana and KoRn but growing up he was later introduced to rap-rock genre through Limp Bizkit and Kid Rock.  His taste for hip hop wasn’t established until hearing Detroit rapper Eminem’s collaboration with Kid Rock on the Devil Without A Cause album.  He spent his early high school years utilizing his love for poetry and storytelling writing acapella songs and remixes often to just pass time.

Due to financial limitations professional studios were always hard to come by at affordable rates so early on in his career LB decided to take the art of engineering in his own hands and build his own studio. Upon learning the craft of mixing and mastering he has been recording, mixing and mastering all of his own work ever since and shows no signs of slowing down in his progression as an artist.

Interview with LB The Emcee 

Dhylles: Who is LB?

LB: An optimistic goal setter who hates to take “no” for an answer.  A tentative believer but only when provided with facts.  Someone who is straight to the point with no dillydally or beating around the bush.  Often perceived as shy although that is really so not the case as I’m an observer.  Most importantly a man of his word.
Dhylles: When did you realize you were born an accomplishment?

LB: I would say I realized I was a born accomplishment when I realized I was able to be myself in a world that tries to make you something else and disregard what anyone else may have thought.  I cannot do everything but I can do certain things and those somethings I can do quite well and that is being an accomplishment within itself.

Dhylles: Can you share a time in your life when you wanted to give up on yourself and what stopped you?

LB:  There have been many times in my life where I wanted to stop and give up whether it be because of what others drilled in my mind or place doubts on my own goals.  Sharing one specific time proves difficult as there have been to many to account for. I can tell you this however, no matter what I always focused on what I believed in and what I knew I could accomplish as a possibility.  The rationalization of my self-worth is what always helped me strive through and not give up.  Also the thought of not knowing what the outcome would be if I hadn’t of tried.

Dhylles: Do you view the glass half empty or half full?

LB:  I was always taught to view the glass as half full rather than half empty as things could always be worse.  It is best always to maintain a bright outlook and look at the positives rather than dwell on the negatives as negative energy can hinder our spirits as well as our outlooks toward the world.

Dhylles: Do you forgive easily or hold grudges and why?

LB:   I tend for the most part to try and forgive as holding a grudge does not resolve anything but resentment.  Although, forgiving at times may not be easy but it sets a prisoner free and that prisoner is often us, ourselves, not those seeking forgiveness.  Psychology has proven that refusing to forgive often causes hostility, stress, resentment, depression and anxiety.  It’s best to free ourselves from that and in due time forgive.
Dhylles: What are you thankful for in your life?

LB:  I’m thankful for those who have ways supported me through the thick and thin.  Without their encouragement, support, advice, friendship I would not be where I am today.

Dhylles:  I thank you for sharing with us LB!

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