Born Accomplishment: Krystle Jones

Krystle Jones

Writer and Blogger

Bio: Years after discovering her love and passion for writing, Krystle began blogging. Without knowing much at all about this process, she knew she had to take that leap of faith and share with the world the very thing that has gotten her through. At a point in her life, writing was her biggest form of communication. During her challenging college experience, writing became a part of her normal routine. Krystle often took to writing when she became overwhelmed with life’s difficulties.

After starting the book that she plans to continue, she realized blogging was a better way to reach people right away. Krystle realized she could take advantage of the platform that was right in front of her. Participating in the social media movement, why not use it as an outlet to create positive change in someone’s life. Helping others to strive for success and greatness has always been a passion of hers, but took her some time to figure out how she could be more effective in doing so. However, as time progressed, she found her niche and has been dedicated in fulfilling her goal ever since.

Interview with Krystle Jones

Dhylles: When did you realize you were born an accomplishment?


Krystle: I believe I always knew I was born an accomplishment. However, I didn’t always know what that accomplishment was or would be. I believe it was during my college experience that I realized exactly what area I’d fall in line with. I went to school for business, which didn’t work out for me at all. My second year of college was a struggle for me school wise, but was also the year many people began to come to me and share their lives with me and seek advice. That following year, I changed my major to sociology and knew helping people was exactly what I was called to do.


Dhylles: Where does your inner strength come from?


Krystle: My inner strength first comes from God. I am a strong believer of God, and without Him I wouldn’t be able to anything. There are times where I get a little knocked off my game because I try to do things in my own strength. But through prayer and quiet time with Him, I’m always able to get back on track. My faith is literally what keeps me going. Secondly, my inner strength comes from this craving for more and to help change lives. I know there’s so much more ahead and that keeps me going. At the end of the day, my desire is to help change the lives of others, and I can’t stop knowing that there are still people in need.


Dhylles: What do you carry with you from the older generation and their teachings?


Krystle: I believe that my faith is something that I carry from the older generation. My family is from a very strong Christian background and I carry that everywhere I go. I’ve been taught the way, and as I got older it was something that stuck with me and I believed. I also carry morals and values as well. The older generation always had such a care and a love for other people. They were selfless. I am focused and dedicated to being a resource and a benefit to other people.


Dhylles: When did you decided to no longer live in fear, guilt or shame?


Krystle: It was about maybe two years ago that I truly decided to no longer live in fear and shame. I’m still growing, but the moment I decided to share with the world the gift that I believe I’ve been given, is the day I let go of my fears. I was a very shy closed off person and wanted to keep my life private. I found a love and passion for writing, but it took years for me to share it. About two years ago, I set that aside and started my blog. Which I can say was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. It was such a freeing experience for me. And the lives I’ve began to reach is priceless. Daily, I’m continuing to let go of fears and insecurities as I desire to be as transparent as possible for the benefit of others.


Dhylles: Thanks so much for sharing and allowing me the pleasure of interviewing you Krystle. Much success in all that you do


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Instagram & Twitter: @lovelymissjones


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