Born Accomplishment: Kimo Bentley

Kimo Bentley

Founder of Kimo Bentley All Natural Beauty


Bio: Kimo Bentley has spent the past 17 years working alongside world renowned plastic surgeons, gaining both experience and knowledge in the skin care and cosmetic industry. Trained in hair transplants, scalp exfoliating treatments, skin rejuvenation, laser for face and body treatments as well as cutting edge laser liposuction and awake breast augmentations, Kimo took her skills and created the Prescription For Beauty line in 2004.

When Kimo Bentley found out that her newborn was diagnosed with the skin condition eczema she had no where to turn. The doctors prescribed her daughter with a steroid based cream that had not guarantee of success but did have a guarantee of side effects. Kim began to scour the internet and libraries for all natural remedies that could control her daughter’s eczema without any harmful or long term effect. She soon developed a soap with all natural ingredients and used this to wash her baby, and within a short period of time her daughters skin began to clear up! Kim became known around town as the “soap lady” and she would give her soap away for free to people who were going through the same experience with their children. From this all natural soap the Kimo Bentley Brand was born.

Interview with Kimo Bentley

Dhylles Davis: Who is Kimo Bentley?


Kimo Bentley: Kimo Bentley is an all- natural skincare line, a brand, a lifestyle and my story, my journey which all ties into who I am as an individual who is a mother, daughter, friend & skincare expert Licensed Esthetician. I am the owner of Kimo Bentley beauty products available online and at Walgreens.


Dhylles: When did you realize you were born an accomplishment?


Kimo: At a very young age I began mixing oils, creams and leaves together as healing for minor scrapes, cuts and burns, I soon fell in love with the idea of aesthetic and natural skincare, restoring the skins integrity.



Dhylles: How do you stay motivated when you feel like giving up at times as we all do in life?


Kimo: I stay motivated when I look at my two beautiful daughters and my mom who is my biggest cheer leader, my family is always excited and ready to help me create new ideas in my kitchen.


Yes! I said my kitchen, I began as a home based business, I also have vision boards in my room with pictures of previous accomplishments large and small, brining those moments alive puts the life back in me every time.



Dhylles: When was the last time you cried and why? Please explain


Kimo: The last time I cried was two weeks ago, I was looking at my vision board and seeing where I came from and where I am today realizing how God has been so good to me, keeping me whole, protecting me from hurt and danger. It’s not until I became completely under the submission of Gods plan for my life everything started to align itself, when God blesses you he does it in a BIG way, gratitude brings the things you want to you fast, be thankful for all opportunities large and small.


Dhylles: Name three weaknesses you are working on turning into strengths.


Kimo: 3 weaknesses are

Trusting people easily


learning to ask for help turning there three around is an ongoing journey and is something that I work on every day.

 Kimo Bentley the person is still a work in progress as I learn to reinvent myself every day.


Dhylles: Thanks so much for Sharing Kimo! Continued success to you! Blessings to your beautiful daughter.


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