Born Accomplishment: Kanela Siskos

Kanela Siskos

Franchise Owner of Sterling Optical Corp.

photo_1 (1)

Dhylles Davis: Who is Kanela ?

Kanela:  Kanela is a 40 year headstrong woman , who loves her son more than life. I’ve had an entrepreneurial drive from a very young. In my youth I was very rebellious against my traditional Greek parents yet still made all the right decisions to stay in school and earn a college education. Luckily I had the common sense to know “when it was time to work, it’s time to work and when it’s time to play it’s time to play”.
My strong work ethic comes from my parents who taught me to work hard for what I want and always stay humble and honest. The kindness and honesty that my parents instilled in me is carried out in my daily life at home and in my business.
Dhylles: When did you realize you were born an accomplishment?
Kanela: Lol! Funny I still don’t consider myself “an accomplishment”. Sad isn’t it?!?!
I’ve accomplished so many things yet I still don’t “feel accomplished” does that make sense???
Dhylles: Why is self-love and acceptance important to you?
Kanela: Self love and acceptance is the hardest level to attain in one’s life I believe. I am my worst critic. I am my worst enemy at times. I’m demanding and I don’t take “no ” from myself!!! It’s embarrassing to say but I was never encouraged to be ME!! Truly me!  I’m in my element when I’m unfiltered and I love myself when I’m allowed to be ME. Sometimes as a business woman I’m judged for being strong, no shit” taking me” ! I don’t apologize any more for being me but that took a while!! Lol
 Dhylles Davis: What makes you authentic?
Kanela Siskos: What makes me authentic is that I’m kind of an old soul. I’m fascinated with all genres of music, literature, fashion etc anything that I feel    I can weave into the threads of my life. I’m eager to learn new cultures, religions, foods anything to say I tried it. Most importantly I try to be as well rounded as I can especially when it comes to business aspects . I like to have a variety for my clients and I love to educate them on the newest technologies my field has to offer. I’m true to my clients … They can vouch for that…I demand  the best for myself as well as for them. I treat  them like family … And even though I’m a franchise I treat my business like a “mom and pop” .
Dhylles: Thank you for sharing and being open.

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