Born Accomplishment: JustRaymona


Celebrity Stylist-Plus Size Clothing Designer-Reality Star


JustRaymona is the quintessential phenomenal woman that after years of hard work and research is realizing her dream has come true. En.v new york, is the first clothing line of its kind to merge to a Seventh Avenue fit, selection and style for the “Full Figured Woman”.

Hailing from Richmond, Virginia her roots are truly Southern though she possesses the New York business savvy and experience to match wits with the best of them! Since the age of twelve; designing and making clothing was always a natural gift to her. She made her first custom wedding gown and bridesmaid dresses (8) at the age of fourteen. Still in her teens she learned tailoring and made custom leather pieces for Sea Dream Leather, the North Beach Leather N.A. stores for several years.

1986, coming to New York fulltime after modeling and traveling abroad, JustRaymona used her business degree to manage Fahrenheit N.Y( a women’s accessories company) for a little more than a year. She then moved onto an executive management position at Debra Moises Ltd. Here is where JustRaymona learned the rigors of the daily runnings of a major fashion corporation and its entities. Along the way she started blocking hats and learning millinery to complete her education in the accessories market. She started selling to Bergdorf, Bon Wit Teller, Saks Fifth Avenue etc. She worked with some of the Millinery Greats; David Inc, Eric Javits, Flipped Lids Inc. and trained by Mr. Horace Weeks of Peter and Irving.

In 1995, JustRaymona NY was established. Starting as a custom bridal house, it would go on to become sportswear, eveningwear and styling. JustRaymona has worked with some of New York’s premier fashion stylist (Michael Taylor, Misa Hylton-Brim, June Ambrose etc.) constructing wardrobes and costumes for artists and videos in the entertainment industry.  1998 ushered in another area of expertise for JustRaymona. She started offering pattern making and sample making to the fashion industry. Her work includes Vera Wang, Byron Lars, TBA clothing, Victoria Royal Ltd., Darryl K, etc.

Year 2007, after two previous fashion showings, 20 years in the industry, (modeling, pattern maker, sample maker, and now designer)  Adding yet another entity to her repertoire, JustRaymona found herself in the spotlight again! This time as an Entertainment artist on the reality Fashion show ”24 Hour Catwalk” presented on Lifetimes Network which launched January 10th, 2012. Being the direct, honest, in your face, tell it like is personality that JustRaymona is, the reviews from the show were great! She starred in all ten episodes and so they say she gave Drama where and when it was needed! It was easy doing “24 HourCatwalk” because it was JustRaymona being JustRaymona at her best!!!! . Though this was a new dynamic to add to the list for Just, she definitely brought a Fresh take to Reality Television!

JustRaymona has come full circle in February 2013 she proudly to announce her return to the runway but this time as Designer introducing her full figured clothing line en.v new york becoming the first Full Figured Independent Designer to show during New York Fashion Week. 2013 Has been an exciting year with her collection beings seen at Brooklyn Fashion Weekend, Plus Night Out, Jersey City Fashion Week, and many other fashion events. Add these events to her guest appearance and recent boost in media exposure not just for herself but the line as well and you can easily see that JustRaymona has become a power house in the Full Figured Fashion Industry.

To take things to the next level 2014 will be the relaunch of en.v new yorks online shopping site and a European launching scheduled for late 2015; you would think one was enough! But not for JustRaymona…… .

Hold on; fasten your seat belts because this ride is just beginning……

Visit our shopping site for sizes 14-32.

 Interview with JustRaymona

Dhylles Davis: Who is JustRaymona?

JustRaymona: JustRaymona is a very honest, direct, yet sensitive, (somewhat shallow) Fashionista that has stopped aging! lol Yeah thats me; a contradiction in all aspects. I have found in order to live life fully and with purpose I have to be a contradiction.

Dhylles: When did you realize you were born an accomplishment?

JustRaymona: I realized early in my life that I was an accomplishment. Growing up before all the technology, I had to learn me, accept me which in turn allowed me to find and see my gifts especially in fashion. I guess one could say I was born to be in fashion!

Dhylles: Who in your life has influenced you to be the strong woman you have become today?

 JustRaymona: My family was very influential in allowing me to be me. Starting with my Grandfather. They gave me the self- confidence, the space and encouragement to be me and go for it! I also had that one teacher in high school that saw my potential and though I fought her, after graduating and college, she and I still speak, confer and laugh today. There is one statement I have remembered all my life that my Grandfather said to me; “no matter what you decide to become, you are going to be the best at it!” That statement has always remained in my subconscious even today when I’m doing anything.

Dhylles: When was the last time you cried and why?

JustRaymona: Whewwww!! The last time I cried was just a few days ago (yeah I hate it though I welcome it) lol I am BLESSED and yes I know it but being human there are just moments I get tired of the trials and everyday fighting and struggling that come with living and especially trying to maintain and make it as an entrepreneur.

Dhylles: What was the turning point in your life when you knew you had to make change happen?

JustRaymona: The turning point for me to make a change came very early (this is putting it mildly)lol. I was always very honest and direct so I knew I had to own my own truth in my late teens. The only way one can be truly self-content is being honest with self. I knew I would never be able to reach my full potential as a person or in my career without owning my truth. Looking into me and discovering who I am has given me the courage, the stamina and ability to pick up and keep going even in the path of adversity. I can honestly say I have no regrets. Owning my own truth I have made decisions with open, sound and thoughtful mind. Therefore everything I have and do is with purpose.

Dhylles: I thank you so much for sharing and being transparent JustRaymona! I love you dearly!

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