Born Accomplishment: Jeannie Ferguson

Jeannie Ferguson

Petite Plus Model,Runway Coach & Plus sized Designer


Who says you have to be six feet tall with a gorgeous mane to make it as a model? Not 5’3 close cropped, Plus Petite Powerhouse Jeannie Ferguson.

Jeannie, always a go getter, with over a decade as a fixture behind the scenes as a Buyer, Merchandiser, Allocator, and Product Development Coordinator and in her present position as Product Manager is an asset to the fashion biz. However, while taking notice of fashion industry standards in comparison to “real women” she recognized a desire to see something different. Jeannie made the decision to be the difference. As one half of the burgeoning Junior Plus fashion house, Big Girls United (BGU) Jeannie, took to the runway as a last minute replacement for a no-show model. As soon as the crowd laid eyes on the 5’3, size 14 Ferguson strutting her stuff they took to their feet and the roar was deafening. At that moment, Jeannie knew there was no turning back. In the batting of a lash, Jeannie has knocked down many barriers and has overcome tremendous obstacles in a land of glamazons.

With her signature walk, Plus Petite model Jeannie Ferguson has gone on the grace the runways of numerous designers including B.G.U., Sonsi, Monif C., Robert E.Knight, Brooklyn Night Out, New Jersey Full Figured Fashion Week, Full Figured Fashion Week New York, Qristyl Frazier Fall Preview Show, and Most recently Plus Night Out 2014. With a big heart and her love of the runway, Jeannie teach aspiring models what it takes to be a Runway Model at her Annual Walk this Way runway class.

She was also one of the pioneers of the Dangerous Curves Tour and has appeared on several television shows such as Tyra, E! News, BTE TV, TLC’s Big Sexxy and she’s a five time model and crowd favorite on BET’s annual fashion special, Rip The Runway, Kurvacious Boutique commercial, makeover show “Big Brooklyn Style” Slim & Tone leggings commercial. Jeannie recently appeared in a NINE WEST online Campaign.

With appearances in countless publications such as Black Elegance, Glamour, Fire, Anisi, and People Magazine for the Nivea challenge, Plus Model Magazine, Manik Magazine, The Cover of Belle Noir Magazine, Pose Magazine, and Full Blossom Magazine. Jeannie Ferguson is steadily cementing her place in fashion history.

Due to an unforgettable appearance in comedian Mike Epps video, “Big Girls!” Jeannie has also recently added Video Vixen to her resume.

Having a career as a runway and print model is any mannequins dream but Jeannie wanted more. She is now one of the most sought after Plus Petite Fit Models in the industry. 

With Jeannie’s fashion background — behind the seams, she’s a perfect fit! 
Her great rapport with her clients such as South Pole, Veronica L., Rocawear, Coogi, Beverly Hills Polo Club, Dereon, Bootylicious, Ed Hardy, American Rag, Karl Kani, Fit logic, Notations and of course BGU, leaves them speaking highly of her inside knowledge and perfect curves.

”At 5’3 with a shaved head people laugh at me when I tell them I’m a model,” said Ferguson “but I know that I represent something fresh and new in the fashion industry. I feel blessed to be living my dream.”

With her expert knowledge, print, runway and fit experience, it seems as though suddenly the industry is dreaming of Jeannie.

Interview with Jeannie Ferguson

Dhylles Davis: Who is Jeannie Ferguson?

Jeannie Ferguson: Jeannie Ferguson is a Fiesty, Loving, Caring human being. One who loves helping others.


Dhylles: When did you realize you were born an accomplishment?

Jeannie: I realized that when I graduated College. I had soooooooo many adversities during that time. But I refused to let it get to me. I took it on, took it out and got it done.


Dhylles: When was the last time you were taken out of your character and why?

Jeannie: I am often taken out of character. People tend to take my kindness for weakness or they mistake this pretty face and heels for a joke. I can show you better than I can tell you.


Dhylles: When did you learn to heal and forgive yourself for past mistakes and regrets?

Jeannie: I learned that when I realized I couldn’t change the past. I learned to live with regrets and take it as every experience is a lesson learned.

Dhylles: What would you say to the little girl inside you to assure her that you can take over from this point on?

Jeannie: You are beautiful as you are. Never worry about what people say and or do. They’ll talk whether you’re doing good or bad. You are going to succeed no matter what.

Dhylles: Thank you so much for sharing Jeannie. Much appreciated!

Please be sure to follow Jeannie Ferguson:

Instagram: plusmodjeannief

Facebook: Plus Model Jeannie Ferguson

Twitter: Jeannie4101

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