Born Accomplishment: Ilaine Perez-Palau

Ilaine Perez-Palau

Director Of Daily Operations of CCP Unlimited


Bio: I am the director of operations for CCP Unlimited. My responsibilities include sponsorship, event planning, recruiting, parade, festivals organizing, and Artist contacts, assist the CEO.

One of my greatest strength is my creativity drive and leadership and I thrive on challenges particularly those that expand the company reach.

I have received several recognition awards: Award of Excellence from the Hispanic Community Health Study, American Veterans certificate of Appreciation award, Newark NJ Heritage Parade for outstanding support, Certificate of Recognition for outstanding Generosity and dedication to community service to the Love for Iris Event.

I am married and combined with my husband we have 5 daughters. Prior to joining CCP i served in several organizations and assisted with fundraisers, private corporate parties and other activities.

Born in 1970 in NYC, from Puerto Ricans parents. I went to school in the Bronx as well as in Puerto Rico.

Graduated from Theodore Roosevelt HS and attended Herbert Lehman College. Ilaine first activity was while in H.S. where she organized her first Fashion Show for her senior trip back in 1988.

I work as a clinical interviewer for Albert Einstein College of Medicine in the Epidemiology and Population Health Department. The specific study I work in is called Study of Latinos (SOL) which is sponsored by NIH. The purpose of SOL is to identify risk factors in the Latino population. My job entails interviewing participants for the study and collecting data which is then implemented in a database for further analysis.

Interview with Ilaine Perez-Palau

Dhylles Davis: Who is Ilaine Perez-Palau?

 Ilaine Perez-Palau: I am a kind, complicated Latina. I am a Bronx native who grew up in the 1970’s with Puerto Rican roots. I am leader who cares about her family. My goal is to make a positive impact for my community.

 Dhylles: When did you realize you were born an accomplishment?

 Ilaine: After raising my children and putting them through college, I realized that there was a need to do more for others. When I joined the Bronx Puerto Rican Day Parade Committee I discovered my passion for public service.

 Dhylles: How do you balance being selfish and selfless?

 Ilaine: Because I am human, I can be both selfish and selfless. The key is to balance the two and not let one overtake the other. In terms of being selfless and keeping my selfishness in check, I tell myself that public service to others is for the greater good.

 Dhylles: What would you say to that little girl inside from the grown woman you have become?

 Ilaine: Keep going to the right path because it will lead you to bigger and better things, follow your heart.


Dhylles: In what ways do you make time for yourself?

 Ilaine:To be honest, with the activities that I do, there is no time for oneself because aside from my community events, my other responsibilities are being a wife and mother. However, the very rare and far in between moments that I do have for myself, I like to stay home reading books and on occasion spend quality time with my girls.

Dhylles: Thanks so much for sharing Ilaine! Much appreciated!


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