Born Accomplishment: Felicia Lee

Felicia Lee

Executive Director


L.A.C.E.S is a Youth, Community & Women’s Empowerment Organization Compiled of Strong, motivated, ambitious Women of all walks of life. We work together to Empower one another, as well as our Community & Youth. We are a organization that fosters an atmosphere of positive interaction & communication amongst ourselves and the communities in which we reside. L.A.C.E.S engages in Healthy & Constructive communication & team building. These factors are teamed with Educational & Professional networking. As a team we are deeply involved in Community Service: by volunteering via fundraising, Mentoring Middle & H.S student in the NYC public school system alongside Imentor NYC, charity work, Peace rallies, Community functions, Galas, Annual BBQ’s, Seminars, event planning, Providing Grants under our ” Dollars for Scholars Program” which enables underprivileged Youth to further their education after High School, Coat drives, Feeding The homeless, L.A.C.E.S Annual “Adopt A Grandparent day”, “DMV Day of Beauty” for victims of Domestic Violence, Back to school supply drive, Teen Summits, “Kill Violence Not One Another” Campaign, working with neighboring Precincts to reduce crime, Success Circle & “Thought Provoking Artist Circle along with Partners BROTHERS Inc.We also participate in creating inspirational, cultural & educational life experiences for our future generations. We welcome women of all ages and backgrounds who are interested in working together to uplift one another as well as our youth and serve those in need.

Interview with Felicia Lee

Dhylles Davis: Who is Felicia Lee?


Felicia Lee: Felicia Lee is a passionate, Loving, strong, creative, unique, driven, activist and philanthropist. Always ready to jump into action for things that I believe in and am passionate about


Dhylles: When did you realize you were born an accomplishment?


Felicia: Firstly I grade my success by my happiness. At my happiest I am at my best. Being happy allows you to see clearly, allows you to easily step into your greatness, and all that is meant for you. I remember when I was younger I would listen to Mary J Blige song “be happy”. Just that part of the song caught my attention. I just wanted to be happy. I wondered what true happiness felt like. Not only does my name mean happy, I actually wanted to be happy, at the highest capacity possible. That song has since become my favorite song and my anthem in life.
I think I realized that I was a born an accomplishment when I realized my happiness. When I accepted my God given gift for helping those in need, my services became a need. The more work that I did within my community to help my village, everything seemed to flow. I learned how to flow with what was inside of me.   When I accepted my gifts and was able to help others. I learned how to live my life the way that I see fit, not by how society deemed right. My terms, my way equals complete Happiness,


Dhylles: How were you able to let go of the past as well as toxic and draining people? 

Felicia: I made a decision to be the best me. I preached it as well but never followed through with it. I was told for years that in order to be the best me, I would have to leave a few people behind. However I never understood why until I got older. I realized the importance of surrounding myself around people who I aspired to be like. The concept of leaving friends behind bothered me a great deal. I hated the fact that my decision to separate myself would possibly hurt someone’s feelings, yet I was suffering not living up to my own standards and dreams. I am still allowing myself room to grow from past toxic situations, and lessen toxic people and circumstances from my life.


Dhylles: Why is self-love and acceptance important to you?

Felicia: Self-love is very important in that if you don’t love and completely accept yourself with any flaw or short comings, how can you possibly love anything else? The process of self-love also comes with maturity and growth. Dare to love yourself! Self-Love, Self-respect, Self-worth. There is a reason they all start with “self” You cannot find them in anyone else.

Dhylles: When did you become aware of your strength and courage?

Felicia:  I have always been aware of my strength, my courage not so much. As a young girl watching my mom and so many aunts deal with what life threw their way and seeing them maneuver and become stronger as a result taught me the magnitude of being strong, However when I realized that my older cousins and friends were coming to me when they were weak,, coming to me when they were hurt, coming to me for advice I realized that I was strong. One day I was having a conversation with my older female cousin and I told her I was crying all day. She jumped back in shock and said “What??? I didn’t even know you cried” You are always so strong, I never knew you cried, Then she looked to my other elder cousin and said do you believe she cries”? In disbelief. I was shocked as I exclaimed I am human, I hurt, I cry and go through some of the same things that you deal with, and come to me about, but how can I come to you crying when you guys are always coming to me? My courage to follow my heart and just do what I wanted in life was learned. I stopped caring what people thought about me and my action and started doing things that ultimately made me happy, and things that I was passionate about.


Dhylles: What makes you authentic?

Felicia: First let’s identify and define what authentic means. Genuine, bonafide, reliable, dependable, based on facts, trustworthy, authoritative, honest, and faithful. I am the epitome of all of these things. I hate the act of lien. I have nothing to prove to anyone. My word is my bond. When I do anything I do it whole heartedly, it shows in my work. In return my truth shines through in my work and everything that I do. I have always felt that honesty was the best policy in every aspect of my life. Your relationship with your authentic self is determined by the alignment of your integrity and actions.


Dhylles: Thanks so much for such an insightful interview Felicia!


Please be sure to follow Felicia Lee:


Twitter: @Lacesinc

IG: @Lacesinc_1


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