Born Accomplishment: Eula M. Guest

Eula M. Guest

COO of Griot’s Roll Film Production & Services

Eula in front of MCNY Window close up

Bio: Eula M. Guest, daughter of the late John D. Young & Mrs. Gertrude Young, was raised in the south Bronx, New York, and graduated from William Howard Taft High School with an Academic Diploma.  Ms. Guest graduated with her Bachelors in Business Administration from Metropolitan College of New York, and completed business courses at the Workshop in Business Opportunities (WIBO). Eula M. Guest lives with her husband and partner Derrick M. Guest and their daughter Shassee IShe has two daughters from a pervious marriage Monique Taylor and Sasha Lenore.

Ms. Guest was interviewed for The Wall Street JournalKitting Up for Next Disaster (November 2012), The New York Times (September 2012) featured education article entitled: “School Choice Is No Cure-All Harlem Finds”, Appears in an Article in Women’s Elevation Magazine entitled: “Eula M. Young: A Fresh Lens For a Generation” (August 2012), Ms. Guest was voted one of the top uptown women entrepreneurs for women’s history month featured in the Harlem News four years in a row (April 2015, 2014, 2013, 2012). She has appeared in The Manhattan Times, Amsterdam News, Black Enterprise Magazine (May 2009) featuring article, “Learn Cost Effective Ways to run their Business in These Hard Economic Times.” 

Ms. Guest is the 2014 book I Built It But They Ain’t Coming: The Marketing Mogul’s Manual on How to Pursue, Date, and Engage Your Customer by Derrick M. Guest in chapter 5 entitled: Mogul Manual Section E: Niche Marketing. In 2011 Ms. Guest was interviewed for a book entitled: Mogul Mom – How to Quit Your Job, Start Your Own Business, and Join the Work-at-Home Revolution. As one of the 250 winners of the 2011 British Airways Face of Opportunity Video Contest, she and her partner was flown to London, England as part of the British Airways Face of Opportunity 2 day Business Conference (February 2011). Ms. Guest was one of the 50 Fabulous Women Entrepreneurs in SistaSense Black Business Women On-line (July 2011).

Ms. Guest was the workshop facilitators for Young Adults Success Program (2015), Presenter for the 2015 Jane Adam High School for Tourism and Hospitality Career Fair, 2014 Onward Winter Conference for college freshmen and sophomores. Presenter for W.E.S.T. (Women of Excellence, Strength and Tenacity), 2013 Symposium panel discussion entitled: “The Significance of Professional Relationships: Your Fortune is in Your Follow-Up and Follow Through”, (June 2013). Guest Presenter for the Falu Foundation 25th Anniversary Economic Development Job Creation Event – Workshop entitled: “Branding and On-line Video Marketing” (August 2013). Guest Presenter for Real Sisters Rising 10th Anniversary Conference Rise To Power – Workshop entitled: E-mail Marketing Strategies” (November 2013), Guest panelists for The Phenomenal Women Group Inc. at Medgar Evers College on “Women, Gender & Media”, Black Data Processing Associates New York – 2012, 2010 Black Family Technology Awareness Week Panel Discussion entitled “Cost Effective Solutions for Black Business Owners” (February 2012), On MSNBC Education Nation – New York Summit – Student Town Hall, moderated by MSNBC’s Melissa Harris-Perry as part of “The Melissa Harris-Perry Show” (September 2012), Presenter for the Girl Scouts of America “Taking Action” Workshop entitled: How to Build your On-line Presence now for Internships, Scholarships, College and Future Careers” (October 2012), on the panel for Fast Track To Solopreneur Success Meet-Up Group “Effective Video & Social Media Marketing” (January 2011).

Ms. Guest a member of The NYC Small Business Services as an M/WBE, The New York State Economic Development Corporation. For content service quotes, interviews, panel discussions, speaking engagements workshops, contact Ms. Guest at (212) 281-2286 or

Interview with Eula M. Guest 

Dhylles Davis: Who is Eula M. Guest?

Eula M. Guest: Eula has a love for her community. As a child growing up in the south Bronx I learn a sense of community from my parents. I am a business owner, wife, parent, grand-parent, sister and community mother. The core of my being is having faith in a higher power that is navigating my path. My core is helping people, giving back and being a resource to others.

Dhylles: When did you realize you were born to accomplishment?  

Eula: I think I was born to be here on this earth to connect the dots. I notice in the past ten years that I know a lot of information, people will email me, text me and private message me about so many things. 95% of the time I will have an answer or can direct them to where and how to get that answer. It’s like I am the connector to the possibilities that being in a village can have.

I realized my purpose when I was in the Parents Association at my oldest daughter’s school in the 90’s. I ran the PA, Boys Scouts, Cub Scouts, and Girls Scouts all at the same time. I had one parent that was my right hand person and we both ran it like a well-oiled machine. We did it for five years. We traveled with our troops, were on the news with our troops in major parades. Our scouting troops was the largest in NYC. All my scouts are now grown up with families of their own. I lost touch with many of them, but once in a blue moon I will run into someone who will come running up to me and ask me if I am Miss Eula? They give me a hug and tell whoever is with them this is the lady I talked about who ran the scout troop when I was a little girl/boy. It is a great feeling to know I made a difference in these children’s lives. I think that is one of my greatest accomplishments.

Dhylles: How and when did you find your voice?  

Eula: First time I was 23 and a supervisor I had at the time made assumptions on why I wasn’t where I was supposed to be instead of asking me. She waited until I was in the lobby relieving the receptionist. The elevator door opened and about 8 people were coming back from lunch, she yelled at me at the top of her lungs like she was crazy. I was so embarrassed. I went to our office which had a total of four people. I ask the other two ladies when our supervisor came back could they leave the room. I had to speak to our supervisor alone. When she came in the office she left the door open. I walked over to it and slammed the door. I said to her don’t you ever again raise your voice to me, I am not your child and I deserve respect. If she had of taken the time to ask me I would have told her why I wasn’t back from lunch. Needless to say she never did that again, but I was laid off about six months later.

Second time: I was going through domestic violence with my 1st husband. We were

separated but he had broken into my home several times, he would hit me, and pulled a gun out on me. Attacked me in the street, beat me up in front of my neighbors. I was living in fear for three years. The police and courts at that time didn’t do much, they didn’t even arrest him for assault. The court would give you an order of protection. One day my husband showed up. I was getting ready to go out the babysitter was there, I was cooking dinner so she wouldn’t have to do anything but watch the girls. The door was unlock as the girls were outside playing he walked in I had just gotten dressed. He ask me where I was going. I said it is none of his business where I was going. He slapped me. I grabbed the lamp turned it over to the end side and hit him in the face. I tried to break his nose. He was bleeding the babysitter came running in. He step back and looked in the mirror. I said to him this will be the last time you hit me, touch me, and beat me up. The next time you lay a hand on me, they will be carrying you out of here. I had enough and I was sick of him and sick of the abuse. He never bothered me after that.

Dhylles: What is the most favorite thing you love about being the person you have become? 

Eula: That I always kept my kindness. After going through things some people become harden, bitter, angry. My favorite thing that I love about myself is the belief that people are good. I still want to help people and I’m not selfish.

In what way did you find your peace in your life?  God, remembering that he has the final say. Meditation, Therapy taught me how to forgive and to let go and let God.

Dhylles: Thank you so much for sharing. OMG absolutely profound! I appreciate you!!






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