Born Accomplishment: Demetrius Alexander Jackson

Demetrius Alexander Jackson

Executive Director


Bio: Demetrius Jackson, Executive Director – Demetrius Jackson is a visual artist, radio show producer, and former hip hop artist born and raised on the eastside of Detroit Michigan. Graduating with his undergraduate degree from Howard in 1998, he also obtained two MBAs from Howard University in 2002. Creator of Arts Spoken internet radio show which is a show for the artist about the artist.

 Interview with Demetrius Jackson


Dhylles Davis: Who is Demetrius Jackson?


Demetrius Jackson: Demetrius Alexander Jackson is aka “Unknown?”! A man of many different things. I am the ultimate multi-talented versatile person. I am father, brother, athlete, professional, artist, intellect, comedian, radio host, Hip Hop lyricist, poet, traveler, activist, movie buff and it continues forever. To describe Demetrius Jackson as “who” would be an difficult because I think it is more of what I am and that is many things which make up who I am. Some good and some bad. But if I was to sum up who I am the answer would be just a “Good Person” with good intentions and appreciation for life, love and the beauty of the universe.


Dhylles: When did you realize you were born an accomplishment?


Demetrius: I was raised in the hood on the eastside of Detroit but my mother always told us we could do whatever we wanted as long as we set goals and applied ourselves. I realize I was a born accomplishment at 16 right after my best friend was murdered. I decided at that point in my life I was going to leave Detroit. It is my home city I loved so dearly but I knew leaving that environment was the only way to my goals. I remembered at that point, hearing God say “you have a purpose and with your gifts it is your purpose to help others and you must go out in the world and experience outside of this place called home”.  I read books on culture and other countries and remembered feelingthat I was  born in the wrong time period. I didn’t know how and what I would do to fulfill that purpose but I set my focus on school and sports. To this day when I am working on my own projects outside my normal everyday job I feel purpose and a stronger connection with the universe. Whether I am on the radio, on the stage, or on the field, I continuously feel God working through me and can see the people enjoying as well as gaining something from my gift. There is nothing that provides this ultimate high of purpose in making a difference!


Dhylles: How did you turn self-sabotage into self-love and acceptance?


Demetrius: To me it was when I stopped comparing myself to others and I accepted who I really was as a person. I got some professional counseling s well as took a trip down south to my sister’s house and I hid out for a month. I just looked over my life, my accomplishments and failures. I looked at the failures in depth and recognized they are not failures but more of experiences that allowed me to be a better person and are building blocks that make me stronger. I have the choice to determine how I will allow things to affect me and if I will take something positive out of my life experiences. My expereinces  prepared me for the next day or event and helped me to  realize that there are no mistakes or regrets only opportunities to learn regardless of the results. You learn more about yourself or just life in general.


Dhylles: When did you decide to forgive yourself for mistakes and regrets?

Demetrius: So in the question before this one I think the two questions come hand in hand. My forgiveness took place when I decided to love my whole self (the flaws and positive things) long with my acceptance of life and all things good or bad taking place that in life.  I decided not to have regrets about anything and focused on my power to determine my outlook in life. I stopped thinking like a victim but as a person who has a choice in moving forward in my life.

Dhylles: What and who in your life gives brings you peace and happiness?

Demetrius: My children bring me happiness as well as doing things that have a purpose along with  being able to help people gives me peace.  Traveling gives me the opportunity to look outside the little box we live in and discover how big this world can be.  I love that variety and being able to experience how much we all are like and yet very different.

Dhylles: How do you practice being selfish and selfless?

Demetrius: That is a balance that most people struggle with in this life. I just remind myself that I must be happy and give as I can. When it is something that will harm my ability to have a healthy state of mind then I must say “NO”.

Dhylles: Thanks so much for this interview Demetrius! Much continued success!

Let me leave you with these two short poems I wrote during times of reflection which also brings me peace.


What is FATE?

Is it something that scientist can’t quantify?

Is it something we have no control over or can identify?

Is FATE something pointing us in a certain direction?

Or is it the path of the future created through self-reflection?

Is FATE our unconscious mind taking over our physical state?

Is FATE our desires materializing at a later date?

Can FATE be the will of a higher power?

Or could it just be another dimension at another hour?

Can FATE be our decisions that determine other decisions?

Can FATE be the origination of our inner visions?

If you ask me it consist of these all

Thus by FATE I speak these words to you all!!

Webster defines it as the will or principle or determining cause by which things in general are believed to come to be as they are or events to happen as they do.

The question I bring to you what is FATE to you?

Written by the one and only “UNKNOWN? “with a Question Mark

All copyrights reserved to “UNKNOWN?” with a Question Mark



PONDER THIS thought if u could

all children with both parents

and abuse not a continuous cycle on replay

and all parents loving and nurturing their children each and every day

as if to say

They are responsible and thinking of their children first

pledging their life to give them everything they needed since the day of birth

AND INVISION a world where people say thank you

and love is unconditional all the time

a place where real beauty can easily be defined

by the heart and by the soul

a place where blessedness is not a thought but behold

AS WELL AS IMAGINE a place where gas and natural energy are not our main objective

and nature and the earth is truly respected

think of a place where greed and envy do not exist

where man, woman, animal, plant, and earth can co-exist

picture US NOT HALLUCINATING about this simple thought

a place where no one’s soul can easily be bought

where loyalty and dignity are not for sale

where pride and morals most definitely prevail

a place where lost black males really start keeping it real

and begin a state of correction in their mental cell

and act as fathers raising their babies

while respecting and loving our beautiful black ladies

WHAT IF WE MEDITATE on these spiritual thoughts?

religion not being a means to rage war or enslave masses of people

where no matter color and beliefs we all can love each other as equals

not using religion as a means for us to separate

but to aggregate this world into one huge state

ATLAST picture all these things and we would have peace

mankind moving forward without discrimination and war would cease

then mankind would really represent the word

meaning “man who is kind”

& recognize kind also means “a group unified”

then we could respect each other as the same

and encompass the idea of what it really means to be humane

then this world of humans would progress as unified

but I guess with Martin Luther King that dream long died

Thus the theory of man continues to be misplaced

as well as displaced

while mankind continues to be lost in time and lost in space

far out amongst the stars

in the same solar system as the planet mars

we still haven’t charted an accurate map

I guess that why I just continue to ponder these things perhaps

maybe one day we will learn spiritual math


Written by the one and only “UNKNOWN? “with a Question Mark aka KAL-EL

All copyrights reserved to “UNKNOWN?” with a question mark aka KAL-EL


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