Born Accomplishment: Danielle Moore

Danielle Moore

Pastry Chef

Bio: Pastry Chef Danielle Moore was taught the art of baking by her Grandma Annie Mae Moore. As a young girl in Brooklyn, NY Danielle got in trouble at school one day and was told to have her Mom come up to school. Instead of going straight home she went to Grandma’s. Annie Mae knew something was wrong because the unexpected visit during a week day. She said nothing but knew from the troubled look on her face that Danielle was in trouble. Annie was in the middle of baking and said nothing for a while. She looked at Danielle and said “Since it seems I am harboring a fugitive I may as well put you to use”. She took out her measuring cups & spoons and began to show Danielle the basics of baking. Danielle never saw you use cups or spoons before. Why didn’t you ever use them?” Annie Mae said “When you have baking down to a science you don’t need cups or spoons”. Today Pastry Chef Danielle Moore has taken the tools given to her by Annie Mae Moore and acquired a few more tools of her own and taken Annie Mae’s Bakery to a level even she didn’t know was possible. “I keep my tools in my toolbox. I keep them clean and sharpened. There is ALWAYS so much more to learn in the WORLD OF BAKING. I try to stay abreast of the latest techniques and trends. I try to set trends of my own to make way for those who will come after me”.

The year I was in school to be a veterinary nurse my Grandmother Annie Mae lost her battle with breast cancer 3 days before my birthday during breast cancer awareness month. I made a decision to not go back to school and focus on keeping her legacy alive. So was born Annie Mae’s Bakery.

We pride ourselves on family legacy and keeping family tradition alive. My goal is to leave behind a legacy by creating an empire for the rest of my family.



 Interview with Pastry Chef Danielle


Dhylles Davis: Who is Danielle Moore?

Danielle Moore: I am a Mom, Glam Mom, Sister, Friend and Business Mogul. I Bake and Cook. I love life and I love what I do. I love hard. I work hard and play harder. I love helping others. I am not afraid to try something. If I fail at least I tried. I could not imagine doing anything other than what I am doing today.


Dhylles: When did you realize you were born an accomplishment?

Danielle: I realized this 5 years in. After 5 years of doing what I do I realized I was born to do this. I did not go to school for this. I took classes for different techniques. For the most part I taught myself. God opened my eyes and allowed me to receive His blessings.


Dhylles: What comes to mind when you think about your future?

Danielle: A restaurant. For so long I was very resistant to cooking food. I thought it would take away from my baking but it didn’t. I come from a family of CHEFS. My Mom cooked. My sister and brother are both chefs. I runs in my blood.


Dhylles: What does the word humility mean to you and why?

Danielle: Humility to me means to stay grounded. I ask God to keep me grounded. I want to be tangible to those who admire me. I never want to be unapproachable. I want to not ego trip or get big headed. I never want anyone to say “She’s talented and pretty but her attitude sucks”. Being humble is easy because if it not were for the grace of God……


Dhylles: What does it mean to be disciplined in oneself? Please explain

Danielle: Discipline to me means to stay focused and on track. When doing events I create a timetable. Every day I must do this or that. I must get things done by a specific time frame. Is this easy? NO. Do I always stay on track? NO. Most times I do. I hate last minute.


Dhylles: When did you discover your shift in energy?

Danielle: About 2 years ago. I did a self-analysis. I had to change my thinking. Once you change that then you will see change with self


Dhylles: Thanks so much for sharing Danielle!


Please be sure to follow Pastry Chef Danielle Moore:!/AnnieMaesCheesecakes?pnref=about.overview






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