Born Accomplishment: Clarisel Gonzalez

Clarisel Gonzalez

Editor and Pblisher


Clarisel Gonzalez is a bilingual digital journalist and communications specialist with a background as writer and editor and strong understanding of traditional media, online publishing and social media. As a journalist, she has served at online and print publications in New York, Massachusetts and Puerto Rico.


Her core competencies include news and feature reporting, writing, blogging, editing, social media networking and marketing, curating content, research and fact checking, public relations, community outreach, community organizing, public speaking, leadership and business networking.

She is the editor and publisher of Clarisel Media, an independent digital media and social marketing business, which produces several niche online media brands including: the Bronx Entrepreneurs and Business Network and Kitty & Doggie News. She is also the editor and publisher of Puerto Rico Sun, a project of Puerto Rico Sun Communications, an independent digital media and social marketing business with a focus on the Puerto Rican diaspora and heritage. Clarisel provides media and communications consultant services to nonprofits, entrepreneurs and community groups. She is a also a freelance writer.


Interview with Clarisel Gonzalez


Dhylles Davis: Who is Clarisel Gonzalez?

Clarisel Gonzalez: I am a work in progress. Not afraid of change.

I am an experienced journalist and a social entrepreneur with a personal and business mission to inform, empower and build community. I run two independent digital media and social marketing business projects: Clarisel Media and PRSUN Communications.


Dhylles: When did you realize you were born an accomplishment?

Clarisel: My mom is my biggest supporter and critic. She is my best friend. Thanks to her, I learned values that have helped shaped the way I see life. I realized I was born an accomplishment because my mom planted that seed. Even when I fail at something, I know that failure does not define me. I just have to work harder at believing in myself because I have another purpose. I trust God.


Dhylles: What does success mean to you?

Clarisel: Success means following my passion, being happy, accomplishing goals, and serving others. It is about perseverance and self-confidence. It is about overcoming obstacles and fears and never settling.


Dhylles: What makes you most at peace and at your happiest?

Clarisel: I am most at peace knowing that Jesus Christ is my best friend and that I am not alone EVER. I am happiest when I am around positive people. I love spending time with my mom and my cats and dogs, taking photos, enjoying nature, and exploring new places. I love connecting with people and places that inspire me.


Dhylles: Describe one defining moment in your life that makes you smile.

Clarisel: The defining moment that makes me smile is when I decided to adopt a cat named Kris one cold Christmas night. He changed my life. I became an official cat lover because of him. To think, I used to say I didn’t like cats. Now, I am the proud human mom of three cats, Kris, Sol, and Blessing. I lost my Sweet Annie, my beautiful Maine Coon, earlier this year. I also have two dogs, Browny, a border collie, and Shalom, the cockapoo. God blessed me with furbabies. Thankfully, my mom is also their other mom. They are so spoiled.


Dhylles: What comes to mind when you hear the word unconditional?

Clarisel: Unconditional to me is about loyalty, commitment and honoring your word.


Dhylles: Thanks so much for sharing Clarisel!


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