Born Accomplishment: Charon Richardson

Charon Richardson

Creator of G’wan


BIO: G’wan, as the people of St. Croix would say in their native language, means, “Go ahead!” Through her fashion designs, Charon Richardson, the creator of G’wan inspires women to fall in love once more with their authentic selves – G’wan ~ I dare you… to be you!” is her motto. No matter what size or ethnicity, Charon’s fashion designs reconnect women with their innermost beauty.

At the age of sixteen, Charon was already experimenting with fashion designs for her sisters! Born and raised on the tropical island of St. Croix USVI, she naturally brings an appeal. Professionally trained at the Fashion Institute of Technology, New York City, Charon has spent years traveling the globe learning and experimenting with different design elements. Her styles reflect her global journeys and are designed for the real women of the world!

Charon’s diversified creativity has landed her positions at some of the most recognizable apparel companies in the business and her design style has been merchandised on some of the most coveted retail floors in the United States. These days Charon is lending her creativity and passion to her own collection, G’wan by Charon. She designs beautiful, versatile clothing & accessories to bring out the confident women in us all. Her ardent appreciation for a hint of vintage underlines her designs. Charon also continues to create lines of fashion that make women of all sizes feel empowered and self-confident!

Charon’s Cruzan heritage, professional training, international exposure and years of experience all converge in thrilling expressions of fashion. Her indulgence in rich fabric and alluring textures makes you want to wrap yourself up in her designs. Charon’s feminine and modern styles present a fresh version of glamour for today’s real and fabulous women.

In the near future, G’wan by Charon will be launching Pop~up boutiques and gracing Runways! Look out! This fashion designer is about to burst the fashion doors wide open in ways that have never been done before! She definitely pulls out the faboo woman in all of us.


Interview with Charon Richardson

Dhylles Davis: Who is Charon Richardson?

Charon Richardson: Charon Richardson is a Fashion Designer|CEO|Columnist at POSE Magazine. I was born and raised on the beautiful Island of St. Croix USVI. I am a business woman, mother, grandma and mentor. I believe all women have the right to be faboo at any size. I empower women through clothing.

Dhylles: When did you realize you were born an accomplishment?

Charon: I realize I was a born accomplishment when I was 23 years old. I took a sewing class and shocked the teacher as well as myself when I would go home and come back with a different garment than what he had taught that day. I realize then I had a gift for creating. I move to NYC to attend FIT (Fashion Institute of Technology).

Dhylles: When did you decide to start living and stopped existing?

Charon: I was about 35 when I decided to start G’wan by Charon. Truth is I had the perfect job. I was Design Director over a few popular brands. I traveled abroad various times a year for fabric and trend research. I even visited factories in numerous parts of Asia. Sounds like the life for someone who adored the world of fashion right? Little did most people know, I wasn’t happy.   I got up every single day, went to work religiously and sat in tons of meetings, and I still wasn’t happy. I was well on my way to being VP of Design but I never was truly happy at the core of my being. I did my job exceptionally well. It was like breathing for me. And at that time I just knew I should have been happy because I dreamt of this. I worked hard for this. But the fact still remained the same… I-wasn’t-happy. I started living when G’wan by Charon was born. I create faboo clothing for women that look like me and for me that is living in my fullest passion.

Dhylles: How do you practice being selfish and selfless?

Charon: Wow!! Great question… I‘ve had to learn to be selfish and not in bad way. “Selfish” is considered a bad word but the fact is that it is creating healthy bounders that benefit one self. I also do one thing every day that makes me utterly happy, JUST for me, no one else.

Dhylles: What words of inspiration of Gwan does Charon have for others?

Charon: Believe in yourself! Love yourself! Embrace who you are!

Dhylles: Thanks so much for sharing!!


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