Born Accomplishment: Carlos Antunez

Carlos Antunez AKA Bartender

Professional Bartender & Bartending Consultant

Bio: Carlos: Name is Carlos Antunez, also known as “Bartender”. I have been bartending for the last13 years at local bars, restaurants and Clubs in the Queens and Bronx area. For the last 3 years, I have been doing a lot of Bar Managing, Bartending, and some consulting as well. Sometimes considering myself a Bartender other times a Mixologists but I only allow my customers and peers to call me that. I’m a big believer that if you’re not humble, that will ruin your talent. I’m looking to get into the consulting part of the business as this business needs more knowledgeable people to make their business better. I want everyone to make it. So it’s a big dream of my to be the Next “John Taffer”, with enough hard work, I’ll make that tittle my own one day.


Interview with Carlos Antunez AKA Bartender

Dhylles Davis: Who is Carlos Antunez?

Carlos Antunez: Very Humble man with very humble beginnings. Raised in East New York, Cypress Hills Projects always with ambition of being something bigger than my surroundings. A man who has taken his skill to different levels each and every chance he has gotten. A son, a friend, a father and man who prides himself in the product that can deliver. A man who stands behind his product and his hunger for being not only different but being proud of not only himself but the team he works with as I want all of us to get better.


Dhylles: When did you realize you were born an accomplishment?

Carlos: The day I was told “This is Amazing and the best cocktail I’ve ever had”… It only showed me that at least one person believed in me, one person thought I was better than the rest around.


Dhylles: What do you believe makes you stand out from everyone else?

Carlos: My product. My self-confidence and desire to believe that I can make it in bartending industry. When you decide to make a difference one cocktail at a time, you know that people will always remember that. That’s what keeps people coming back for more.


Dhylles: When did you stop allowing fear and self-doubt to no longer control your life and destiny?

Carlos: The day I was left alone to handle a full bar on my own, not knowing the P.O.S. fully, allowed me to see that fear it’s just an emotion and that confidence will overrule that emotion. At that point, I felt like the world was mine and I was running it my way.


Dhylles: How are you creating the life you were meant to live? Please explain

Carlos: I create the life I was meant to live by putting myself out there, showing people that I’m not only skilled by my cocktails but also by experiences and references. Sometimes you have to hear it from others besides yourself to make you want to go after that life you’ve always dreamt off even harder as people can be your biggest critics.


Dhylles: What is your source of inspiration and motivation?

Carlos: My Children, the biggest fear in my life is to not fail and have my children be disappointed in me. My mom is my other source of inspiration and motivation as she always wanted to have a son to be proud of. Today when I speak to her about all the good things I’ve made and the progress I’ve done to some bars and restaurants, she smiles and tells me how proud she is that I followed what I loved. Also my customers, without them, I wouldn’t be inspired to make one simple cocktail into an exceptional cocktail. I feed off that.


Dhylles: Thanks for sharing Carlos!


Please be sure to follow Carlos Antunez AKA Bartender:

IG: @Bartender



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