Born Accomplishment: Camelia Sealy

Camelia Sealy

Professional Makeup Artist

BIO: Born and raised in New York City, Camelia Sealy has always had a dynamic, creative personality, which drove her to fields that ignited her true passion: Makeup Artistry. She started at a young age, doing her own makeup in her teenage years, and excelled in her use of color, with compliments from friends and family encouraging her to pursue the industry. Camelia began Plus Size Modeling in 2008, being featured in many Fashion Shows, Commercials, and Photo Features. Her connection to the modeling industry led her to continue doing makeup, which then gave her opportunities in Music Videos, Photo Shoots, Cover Book features, and Television Makeup.

 Starting as a self-taught artist, Camelia believed in educating herself to master her craft so that each day she could become better and push herself to new standards. Her love for makeup led her to model for Chic Studios NYC, where her friendly face was used for many students to practice their craft. In 2012, Camelia joined the staff of Chic Studios NYC, where she welcomed all prospective students as the Studio Assistant and Model Coordinator. Camelia also earned her certification at Chic Studios NYC where she received the education that led her to become a Certified Professional Makeup Artist.

Currently working as a full time Freelance Artist, building her clientele throughout New York City; Camelia specializes in various aspects of Makeup Artistry. Camelia Sealy mostly works in independent production as she hopes to build a strong career in Makeup Artistry for Television and Film.


Interview with Camelia Sealy

Dhylles Davis: Who is Camelia Sealy?

Camelia Sealy: Camelia is an Artist! My passions are Makeup Artistry, Modeling and Fashion. One of my biggest dreams in life is to be a mother. I love to swim and decorating eases my mind. I’m a Gemini and I’m highly intuitive. I have a big heart and I believe laughing can cure anything!

Dhylles: When did you realize you were born an accomplishment?

Camelia: For me, the most meaningful accomplishment is to live every aspect of your life with confidence. Be yourself without ever having to apologize for it! When I decided to start living for me without any outside voices in my head, I started to feel my most accomplished.

Dhylles: What do you see when you look in the mirror?

Camelia: When I look in the mirror, I see a confident woman who loves her body and soul! I see a woman who’s been through more than people know but still remains strong. I see a dreamer who still has some work to do but keeps her smile along the way.

Dhylles: In what ways do you balance being selfish and selfless?

Camelia: Ironically enough I think it’s imperative to be a little of both! Being a Makeup Artist and also being a woman in a long term relationship, I’ve gotten a lot of experience with being selfless. You learn that not everything is about you and sometimes you have to put other people’s needs ahead of your own. On the other hand, there are times when I just have to do things by myself and I have to create my own personal space. Some things I do are for my own peace of mind and self-growth; and I don’t need anyone involved in that. So, in that aspect I think it’s important to be a little selfish.

Dhylles: What is the difference between Camelia two years ago and Camelia in 2015?

Camelia: Camelia today owes a lot to Camelia two years ago! Two years ago, I was sort of lost. I wanted more with my career and I wanted to feel more secure within myself. I made a critical choice to leave a situation and put my dreams first. I took the time to educate myself and build my skill level. I worked on my self-esteem and decided to do my best to quite the noise in my head. Because of that, I’m stronger today and slowly but surely with every goal I accomplish, I’m getting closer to turning my dreams into reality.

Dhylles: Thanks so much for sharing Camelia and continued success!


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