Born Accomplishment: Brian Mills

Brian Mills

Founder of Legacy Ignites


Bio: Brian Mills also known as “The Legacy Builder” was born in the Bronx NY in May of 1992.  As a young man growing up in the Bronx, I wasn’t raised in the best of neighborhoods and or worst  of neighborhood but right in the middle of it all. Being in this position growing up was an advantage for me because not only did I get to see both sides of a life being on the fence if you will, but I got to see not only is the grass greener on the other side but why it’s green as well which made all the difference. I thank God because that I was blessed with the ability to see things differently as well as  think differently which is what shaped my life and placed in me the desire to change the face of a nation. I grew up consciously knowing that I was different because of those two gifts I had.


Being a young man raised by a single mother, there were many obstacles that I had to overcome on my own. I remember a moment in my life at the age of seven or eight years old and I remember telling God that I have no earthly father so I needed him to be my father to teach me the things that I needed to learn as a growing man. Not having my father in my life, did not for a second make me weak instead it made me stronger. It caused me to use my mind as  I paid close attention to the few men that surrounded me such as uncles, cousins as well as  friends and useful the experiences and knowledge that I took from them. I applied it to myself along with the values that my mother instilled in me which has made me into the man am today.


Let me now fast forward to the turning point in my life. This was shortly after our move back to NY from Florida we had just lost our car and our home was being foreclosed during the time my mom was going through a divorce. I was about 16 at the time we were back in the Bronx. I remember it was the second apartment we were living in since we got back to NY. It was a small two bedroom apartment for the four of us which was my mother and my two younger sisters and myself. One day while I was home with my mother I began to hear her cry in the kitchen and when I rushed out to ask what was wrong she wouldn’t tell me. So I asked again and began to look around and I saw the bills in front of her, at that moment I began to comfort my mother letting her know it’s going to be alright, I hugged her and began to cry myself but I made a promise to her at that moment and told her “i can’t do anything right now but just give me some time I’m going to make sure that we never suffer like this again” and since that promise I have been in pursuit of greatness.


I was first exposed to motivational speaking through a network marketing company convention I joined with a friend of mine where the speakers were the leaders of the company along with John Maxwell. Listening to them speak  about their triumphs and the problems they went through, I knew that this is what I wanted to do and it was to motivate people to become great.


Since that time  my family and I have gone through many things including being homeless not in the sense that we were out on the street but we didn’t have a place of our own. We were living in my aunt’s living room and it was the hardest point of my life to go through but I went through it and came out a author, a man and a true motivational speaker. Today I am continuing my pursuit to greatness and getting better as well as closer every day.


Interview with Brian Mills

Dhylles Davis: Who is Brian Mills


Brian Mills: Son, brother, motivational speaker, author, Life coach, Entrepreneur. Brian Mills also known as “The Legacy Builder”. I am just a young guy in my 20’s that has come to the realization that there is greatness in me and potential to do great things.  I’ve taken it upon myself to help others find the greatness in themselves as well.


Dhylles: When did you realize you were born an accomplishment?


Brian: I realized that I was born an accomplishment at a very young age, between the ages of 10 and 12, I started to realize that I was different from everyone else. In my way of thinking and my perception of myself and life, I remember going through some things that made me question myself and think that things would be better if I wasn’t around or alive, but I remembered a voice on the inside of me telling me “NO”,  that I AM a prize to be won and at that moment I knew I am to do great things with my life.

Dhylles: How long did it take for you to accept the person you have become?


Brian: It took a difficult situation in my life with my family not having a place to call our own and having to go from one relatives house to the next. During this situation it caused me to really evaluate myself because I knew that I had to change things and  had to come to terms with who I was at that time in order to  map out who I wanted to become.


Dhylles: Were you ever a people pleaser and if so what made you realize how to become a Brian Pleaser?


Brian: Growing up I would have to say yes I was a people pleaser, in the sense that I didn’t try to impress others but i put others over my own well being and happiness and though I felt good about doing right by others, I was very unhappy with myself and life. What changed me was the revelation that in order to better help others, I had to look out for myself first and had to make myself happy as well as  look out for my well being first then help others because if I was unhappy in myself I was really no good to anyone else.


Dhylles: When did you start listening to your intuition?


Brian: I wouldn’t call it intuition but I do my best not to let fear cripple me from turning a dream or idea into a reality.


Dhylles: Thanks so much for sharing Brian!


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