Born Accomplishment: Alexis Camoille

Alexis Camoille

Owner & Publicist of Madison Davenport

Bio: Madison Davenport Ink is a boutique digital marketing firm specializing in branding, product development, marketing and promotions and event consulting. MDI sees each client as unique and addresses their needs accordingly Madison Davenport is a complete digital marketing firm which utilizes social media platforms and the world wide web to touch a global audience.

Alexis Jackson, founder of Madison Davenport Ink, has over 18 years of experience in public relations. Our main focus is marketing/consulting, global branding for entrepreneurs, indie businesses and more. “We bring a professional face to pop culture.”

Event planning: Maybe you have a vision but are unclear on the execution. Through individual consultation we will connect consumers, entertainment foundations, marketing firms and media entities to bring to pass and exquisite event.At Madison Davenport Ink, we maintain a high standard of excellence in product development, providing consulting services that maximize exposure of one’s brand we work “privately” with confidentiaility until the client is ready to go public.

Our services include:

Strategic Marketing and Promotions (online media, social media networking,

​digital marketing and promotions​)

Lifestyle Management (consulting, artist management and booking)

​Marketing (branding, marketing ideas, product development)

Here at Madison Davenport Ink, we maintain a high standard of excellence in product development, provide maximum exposure of one’s brand and we work “privately” and with confidentiality until the client is ready to go public.​


Interview with Alexis Camoille

Dhylles Davis: Who is Alexis?


Alexis Camoille: She is a caring, loving, sensitive, compassionate Cancerian woman​. She loves her family, her nieces and nephews, and friends. She will do anything for anybody. She is a grinder, I will work until my fingers hurt and not care because she has to achieve her goal.


Dhylles: When did you realize you were born an accomplishment?

Alexis: I still have not realized it at times. I think I know I was born an accomplishment when I am standing in the shadows at one of my clients events and the client is happy, patrons are happy and the event is going very well- seamless and enjoyable vibe everywhere. Or when I receive an exclusive invite, attend the function and see some of the influencers I respect and look up to in the room. That’s when I know that I am on the right course of achieving my ultimate goal- leaving paw prints on this world.​


Dhylles: In what ways have you dealt with hurt and healing that has happened to you in life?

Alexis: I actually went back to the church to leave my woes and worries at the altar. I give my problems to god. I ask him for strength and guidance from the bottom of my heart. I reflect on the hurt then look at how far I have come and realize that that hurt really now is a past memory and will not affect my future.​


Dhylles: When did you decide to start living and stopped existing?

Alexis: This went in two phases for me. Once when I was 17, I decided to go out in the world and do things my way, not my parent’s way. I had laid the stepping stones for a career

​within entertainment and then I was heading to the “Mecca”, Howard University. Some of the world’s most talented people like Roberta Flack and Sean Diddy Combs came out of there.

The other time I decided to start living is when I started Madison Davenport Ink, my boutique PR firm. I said I can punch someone else’s clock until I am 70 or make my own path. I always knew I wasn’t made to work a 9-5 forever.​


Dhylles: In what ways do you celebrate yourself?

Alexis: Meditation several times a week while I look out onto my balcony and soak up some good sunshine or fresh air. I buy myself flowers weekly. They inspire me and I can relate watching them go from budding to full bloom. Reminds me of my own creative process, from a bud to a full bloom, and the full bloom is the success which inspires me because I watched nothing turn to something beautiful (bloom).​


Dhylles: Thanks so much for sharing Alexis! Continued success!


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