Born Accomplishment: Aaron Paul

Aaron Paul

Singer & Songwriter

Aaron Paul

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Katherine Kirkpatrick

Bio: London born, Brooklyn based singer and songwriter, Aaron Paul has returned bigger and stronger than ever with his 1st solo album after leaving Worlds Apart teen boy pop group. World Apart had a unprecedented chart run of over 5 top 30 UK singles including: ‘Heaven Must Be Missing An Angel’, (recently featured on the soundtrack in the huge blockbuster and academy award winning movie “The Queen”), ‘Everlasting Love’, ‘Wonderful World’ (written by Aaron Paul & fellow band member Patric Osbourne), and their biggest hit ‘Could it be I’m Falling in Love’, and many more. Aaron Paul came to the attention of Arista Records executive Simon Cowell (American Idol, Britain’s Got Talent and X-Factor) impressed by his incredible pure voice, natural performance skills and fun personality he positioned Aaron as lead vocalist/front man and lead the group to their chart success. After moving to New York City and taking a career break from the music industry. In 2010 Aaron was persuaded by Grammy winning producer Barry “Oh” Goldstein to return to recording. Where they both wrote together and released the pop funk song ‘Shake Your Body’ and ‘Searching’ (featured on the compilation “There’s an Angel Watching You” and was reviewed by Billboard magazine! Aaron began his journey as a driven solo artist and then frequently returned back to the UK for live promotional tours and a busy radio schedule and was received with great applause!

2014 was extraordinary and life-changing for Aaron, with a new sound and team he fulfilled a life-long dream – releasing and writing his own solo album ‘RAW’. All of the 11 songs lyrics were written by Aaron Paul. Together with all the producers including newcomer, Robby Dwayne (Day26, Crystal Waters), they have skillfully combined Aaron’s heritage and musical roots to create a fun, personal, socially conscious record.

As we fast-forward into 2015, Aaron Paul has release the brand new single, “I Don’t Care”. “I Don’t Care”, is an uptempo anthem of peace, understanding and acceptance amongst us all and is fast becoming LGBTQ Anthem for this year’s PRIDE 2015 season. The Sobel Promotions promoted single will features an extensive remix package featuring a remix by re-known Producer/Remixer Julian Marsh (Dolly Parton, Boy George, Shannon and Taylor Dayne). So far this fun single has generated over 600.000 downloads on and is currently hit the top ten in the US Crossover and Dance Charts.


 Interview with Aaron Paul


Dhylles Davis: Who is Aaron Paul?


Aaron Paul: Aaron Paul is a 1st a Human, Son, Brother, Cousin, Friend, Bi-racial, British, Jamaican, Artist, Singer, Performer, Cook, Lover …The list can go on & on. There are so many sides of me and so many interests, dreams and ambitions. And I refuse to let just one thing define me as a person. I am not perfect….There are a few flaws…..I am very impatient…I want everything NOW!.. lol. I have so many likes and dislikes. And as a child growing up in a multi-cultural background I was exposed to a lot of different things. My parents encouraged me to strong, independent, compassionate, respectful, fair and honest… and that through hard work, dedication and commitment I could achieve anything I put my mind too and be anything I want to be.


Dhylles: When did you realize you were born an accomplishment?


Aaron: I think from the moment I could walk and talk really lol. I am a very independent and driven person…I am the oldest of 3 boys..(My 2 brothers are twins) Even tho we are all very close to this day.. I was the one without a twin and I was glad that I was not..Cause it allowed me not to be dependent on anyone. And I found comfort and enjoyment in the performing arts. My parents enrolled me in many dance & music programs.. and they saw how hard I worked at perfecting my skills and how determined I was at taking it to the professional level. I was always very confident, fun, out spoken and I never let any obstacles that may have stood in my way STOP ME for achieving my dream! And I always knew that I would be successful in the music world. It was like a little voice in my head telling me “I CAN DO THIS!” I feel very lucky and blessed to say that I have accomplish most things I have set my mind too so far… but there are a few things on my list I’ve still yet to accomplish and I won’t stop until I do. When I see myself on tv, or my music being played on the radio, or being read about in a publication and performing to an audience somewhere…Those are the times I realize I am a accomplishment. And I am truly grateful for those moments…Cause there are plenty of talented individuals who do not get to experience that kind of exposure.


Dhylles: When did you become aware of your strength and courage?


Aaron: From a very young age….Because I enjoyed singing & dancing some of my peers would laugh at me and tease me. But still I would ignore them and still continue to pursue my dreams. It’s very easy to give in to peer pressure .. but not me! And the same people that would do this to me .. contact me now and say “How proud they are of me” .. that I followed my dreams and never gave up”. And that they only teased me cause that were jealous…”lol”. Also being in the entertainment business.. is a very harsh business. You are constantly being rejected. You have be resilient and strong at all times.. You cannot afford to crack. And also there is also someone else who is better than you or ready to jump into your spot. I don’t have time to be jealous of worried about someone else. In fact when I see someone else success I am HAPPY for them.. because I know how hard it is to make it in this industry. I can only make sure that I always give 100% to everything I do.


Dhylles: What makes you authentic?


Aaron: With my recent album I decided that’s I wanted it to embody 100% percent authentic to me and to put my own truth into the songs. That’s why I called the album RAW. Because… I wanted to strip down all the layers.. and get to the RAW core of whom I am and want to sing and write about. Which I have never done before in my music career. When I was signed to ARISTA RECORDS under Simon Cowell (American Idol) as the lead singer of a boy band ‘WORLDS APART’ we were told what to sing, say and wear. So I never really had the chance to express who I really was. With my album…RAW…I wanted to put all the musical influences I grew up listening too. I wanted it to be an album that everyone can enjoy. When you listen the album… you will hear Reggae, Latin, Pop, RnB, Dance and ballads. These are all music genres that i enjoy.. So why can’t I include all this on my own album. I am not just a one genre artist… I make music for everyone.. BLACK, WHITE, YOUNG, OLD, GAY, STRAIGHT! Also if you listen to some of the lyrical contact on my album RAW. Some of it can be considered controversial or sensitive subject matters. But I made the decision not to play safe anymore …to be my true self and who ever does not like it.. too bad.. they don’t have to listen to And I think that’s way my song I DON’T CARE! has become successful…..cause at this point in my life and I really DON’T CARE! I am who I am.. and very proud to be who I am. And I think… I DON’T CARE is a song that everyone can relate to or be inspired by.. because it’s about living in your truth, embracing who you are and not caring about what others might think or judge of your difference..


Owning and loving yourself! I am very proud of this song…It’s a very in your face kind of record.. at the same time very fun and catchy. And to see and feel the same reaction every time I perform it is awesome. I think my audience feels and see the truth…That’s what makes me authentic.


Dhylles: How and when did you find your voice?


Aaron: I think I found my true voice on this record… I made the decision to not hold back and reveal who I really am. In this music business it’s very easy to play the game and be safe..and try to fit it in and do what’s popular at the time or take the safe route. Which I did for many years. Maybe in the past I was not mentally ready to do what I’m doing now….But right now..I’m READY to speak my truth and share my true voice with the world and hopefully inspire someone somewhere who has not found their true voice. Many people have said to me .. when they hear my song I DON’T CARE! that I am singing about them. And I always think to myself..” WOW Aaron….You have made a difference and you are doing what you are supposed to be doing and people are paying attention and enjoying it. MY JOB IS DONE! 😉


Dhylles: Name one thing that makes you compassionate and why?


Aaron: I think I very compassionate! When I see injustice, or suffering to humans and animals or stories of unkindness and cruelty. I can’t help but feel emotionally sensitive to that kind of pain. I am the 1st person to reach out and give.. or too see or hear a story that is inspiring. I think I get that from my mother… She is so comforting and accepting to everyone. She taught me not to judge and that everyone is not the same or has to be. She exposed me to everything.. nothing was ever held back or hidden or not spoken about. It’s just a natural expression for me to be compassionate.. I cannot imagine walking my journey and not being compassionate to other people’s circumstances or situations, stories of strength and overcoming the odds.


Dhylles: Thanks so much for such a RAW interview Aaron!


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