You were born an accomplishment!

Dhylles ” Lifestyle Coaching Cupid” Davis

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  Founder & Creator of The Sip & Chat Movement

As a life coach, Dhylles shares her experiences good and bad to help and inspire others on their life path which led her to create this blog as a way to  support and celebrate fellow entrepreneurs in the personal accomplishments.  It also serves as a place of inspiration and motivation for aspiring entrepreneurs in teaching them not to give up on following their dreams especially when it life gets tough.

Each individual being interviewed will be open to sharing their experiences in an authentic, real, raw, honest and deep way in how they got to where they are and how they found themselves and their purpose.

In order to create this blog I had to answer the same questions in the most transparent and honest as well as sincere way as possible. I am asking my fellow entrepreneurs.

Here are the questions and my response to each question:

Who is Dhylles Davis?

Dhylles is a victor and no longer a victim. She is open and transparent and lives in her truth. She is an earth mother and nurturer who has so much love to give that is pure and unconditional. Dhylles is a genuine soul who chooses to be better and not better and loves to live life.


When did you realize you were born an accomplishment?

I realized I was born an accomplishment when I was still able to love people unconditionally after being sexually molested at a very young age and it  did not change my love or compassion for people.


When you look in the mirror what do you see? 

When I look in the mirror I see authentic beauty, strength, courage, growth, peace, happiness, leadership and worth.

What personal changes have you made within the past two years and why? 

The person two years ago was still afraid of truly being who she is and was still a people pleaser who would not speak up for herself.

The person now has no filter and has found her voice. She is no longer afraid to express how she feels and  no longer needs the approval of others.


How are you choosing to live in your truth? 

I am choosing to live in my truth by being in a peaceful and happy space where I am free to be the woman I am  in what I love and who I love without excuses or explanations. I am choosing to live in my truth by weeding out those who are toxic and draining to my spirit and serves me no benefit in my life.

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